A Quick Guide to Manage All Your Saved Firefox Passwords

Manage Firefox saved passwords and disable, secure, update passwords

The Firefox Password Manager is a boon in disguise. Of course for these days, it’s a tough task to remember all the passwords. In fact, each and every person has multiple accounts on different websites.  So this would be a major issue then. As a matter of fact, Firefox brings to you a one-stop solution for all these hassles through a feature where you can store all your Passwords.

Usually, the Mozilla Firefox Password Manager frequently stores the usernames and passwords(save credentials) that you used to access websites. It then fills them in for you when you visit a website next time. For all important data, including your logins, the Firefox profile acts as the storage location. All your log-ins will be in different locations depending on your operating system. Password information is going to be in two separate files. The key3.db file will store your passwords’ main database, while logins.json will contain the passwords saved. Alternatively, you need to know Edit Password or Save Password in google chrome web browser then refer to that mentioned link.

How to Save, Never save, Update passwords in Firefox?

  • Open a website and enter your credentials (username & password).
  • On the other hand, If you haven’t already saved it, Firefox would pop up a small prompt window, asking you to ‘Remember‘ or ‘Not Now‘.
  • If you want Firefox to remember your credentials, the next time you log in, then click on Save button.
  • If you have stored the incorrect username or password, simply enter the correct one on the website and Firefox will open a prompt box again for you to save it. Then, click on the Update option (if you want to save the new username and password).
  • To never Save your Password for a website: Click the Save menu button and select Never Save. By doing this, the next time when you enter into a website, Firefox will not prompt you to enter your credentials. If you change your mind later and want Firefox to ask you to save usernames and passwords for this site, you will need to go to your Firefox options and remove the entry of the site from the list of exceptions for the Privacy & Security panel.
  • To skip saving the credentials: Click Don’t Save. The next time you visit the site, you will be asked to save your username and password.

How to manage different accounts for a particular site?

There might be times when you have more than one login stored for a website, for those times you have to click the login field, then a drop-down list of usernames stored in the device will appear. All you have to do is, select the username you want and log in with it.

 Disabling Passwords Manager

  • If you wish to turn off password manager in Mozilla then, first click on the three-dotted burger menu on your top right corner and after that choose Options.
  • From the many options available, there will be an option called Privacy and Security. You can click on that option here.
  • Next, you can click on the appropriate Login information such as username and Password.
  • To prohibit Firefox from saving all websites logins and passwords, remove the checkmark next to Ask to save website logins and password
  • Exit from about: preferences. Any modifications that you have made will be saved automatically.

Similarly, Mozilla Firefox if you want to disable chrome password manager, then you can check it out now.

How to secure your passwords?

Creating secure passwords to maintain your identity safe article demonstrates you a simple way to create secure passwords and, as mentioned above, using the Password Manager will assist you to remember them all.

Although your usernames and passwords usually stored on your hard drive in an encrypted format by the Password Manager, someone with access to the user profile of your computer can still see or use them. If by any chance, your computer gets robbed or is lost, the Master Password feature will act as a safeguard to all your stored credentials.

Firefox Lock Box

Firefox has introduced this super cool new feature called Firefox Lockbox for PC and mobile apps.

The Firefox Lockbox app (iOS, Android) captures the logins of the page you have stored in Firefox and displays you on iOS or Android devices to websites.

Firefox manufacturer Mozilla claims that to secure your saved passwords, it utilizes several distinct encryption techniques. There is a tamper-resistant block cipher technology that the browser uses. Mozilla browser, especially using the onepw protocol that helps to whenever you can log into the Firefox accounts, then you can get the appropriate encryption keys. Although this may be true Firefox browser relies on AES-256-GCM, a tamper-resistant block cipher technology, and utilizes the onepw protocol so far. This can lead when we log into Firefox accounts, then you can instantly get encryption keys so easily. Firefox also creates the encryption key from your Firefox account using PBKDF2 and HKDF with SHA-256.


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