Learn How to clear recent on Snapchat Account

Learn How to clear recent on Snapchat Account?

Do you belong to the social media addicted committee that loves snapping?

If so, then you must read this article.

You are one of 175 million people who use snap chat every month. Snap chat is trending because it has a high-end privacy policy. It deletes a snap when it’s unopened for a month. It also doesn’t let anyone take screenshots without your permission.

But what when it’s about clearing the recent?

SnapChat App Logo in SmartPhone

Why is there a need to clear the recent history of snapchat?

When you create an account over snap chat, it records everything you search. It has that awesome feature of clearing the old snaps.

But it still keeps a record of your recent chats, frequent conversations, and your recent cache.

At times it becomes difficult to have all this.

You can easily clear your recent conversation history of the chats and your recent searches. Even recent snap chat filters can also be cleared without any hassle.

You can try out this from your mobile phone. Here is an easy guide to clear your recent on Snapchat; follow these steps.

Clear those recent searches and scanning history of the snap chat:

#1. First of all, You can open the Snapchat application on your Android/IOS mobile phone.

Open the SnapChat Application on Phone

#2. Explore the Settings option from the right corner.

Tap on the SnapChat Settings

#3. Find ‘Account actions’ from the list.

Account Actions Option on SnapChat Account

#4. Tap on ‘Clear Scan History’.

#5. Click on the clear option.

Clear Scan History Option to get Learn clear recent on Snapchat Account

And you won’t get any traces of your recent searches.

Want to Clear your Snapchat Recents even from your Windows and Mac OS?

An emulator is required in order to allow snap chat to work on Windows.

There is no separate page for the snap chat where you can explore the application from.

Follow these steps to clear recent chat:

#1. Go to the profile

#2. Then, you can open the settings

#3. Tap on a clear recent chat

To clear the recent lenses and selfies:

#1. Go to the profile

#2. Navigate to history

Clear Selfies and Lens

#3. Find for selfies and lens

#4. Finally, tap on clear

Take-Home Note:

Snapchat is one of the most trendy social media platforms. If you have any queries you can easily go to the help center to find those frequently asked questions. Snap chat is always there to solve queries.

So try these steps and enjoy your Snapchat streaks!

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