PUBG is an extremely well-known game that has been played by millions of people around the globe. There are many PUBG players who have excelled a lot in this game and have earned a lot of prestige because of this game. If you want to know about the top 10 pub g players in the world then you are at the right place. Here in this article, I will let you know about the top player of the PUBG game in the year 2022.

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#1 Levinho

Brahim, also known as Levinho, is the most popular PUBG mobile player in the whole world in the year 2022. He is also a YouTuber who creates content on gaming and has around 10 million subscribers. As per sources he plays PUBG on iPhone 12 pro max and he is from the country of Sweden.

#2 Naman Mathur

Naman Mathur is the second-most famous PUBG player in India. He is also recognized with the name Mortal. He is very famous for his gaming. In addition, He is 24 years old and is from India from the city of Mumbai. He is also a famous content creator and has around 6.5 million subscribers on youtube. Moreover, He started uploading videos in the year 2018. The leader of the famous soul clan of PUBG is created by Naman Mathur.

#3 Aadi Sawant

Aadi Sawant is the third most famous PUBG mobile player in the whole world. He is popular by the name Dynamo. He started his YouTube channel in the year 2018 and has 9 million subscribers on YouTube.

#4 Atro

Atro is an extensively popular PUBG player in the whole world. He is an inspiration for those who play Pubg. In terms of popularity, he is ranked as number one. He lives in the Netherlands but by birth, he is from Iran. He plays PUBG on an emulator.

#5 Ruppo

Ruppo has made a good name for his gaming and has 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube. According to his sources, he is from Turkey. But the source of his information is not clear. He hasn’t shared any details about himself. In addition, He plays pubg on iPhone using a 4 Fingers Gyroscope setup. He is famous for his content creation and is an inspiration for many.

#6 Tanmay Singh

Tanmay Singh popularly known as Scout is the 3rd most famous PUBG player in the whole world. He is an Indian. He is an inspiration for many Indians and other players in the world. Scout plays from Fnatic esports. He has around 4 million subscribers and started his channel in the year 2018. He is growing day by day in his gaming.

#7 Athena

Athena is a famous content creator from South Korea. He is a famous Pubg player. Notably, He is among the most famous gamers from South Korea. He has earned a lot of prestige and fame in the past few years for his gaming.

Athena gaming is the name of his channel on YouTube and he has around 2.5 million subscribers. He plays PUBG on an iPad with the help of four fingers claws. He is the inspiration for many PUBG lovers. His content is useful for many players all over the world.

#8 Jonathan

He is just 21 years old and is an Indian. He is a very famous PUBG player. Of course, He started his youtube channel in the year 2018. Jonathan has gained a lot of fame and prestige for his gaming. As per resources, he is earning 1 lakh rupees per month. He is an inspiration for our youth.

#9 BTR Zuxxy

BTR Zuxxy is one of the most famous PUBG players in the world in the year 2022. He is nationally an Indonesian. zuxxy’s real name is Bagas Pramudita. The name of the youtube channel of BTR zuxxy is ZUXXY GAMING. He started his channel on youtube in the year 2018. He has a very good career in this field of gaming. Zuxxy is playing PUBG on an iPhone using 4 fingers gyro and also he is using the claw. He is inspiring a lot of people with his gaming.

#10 Coffin

Asimaltan Yucel is one of the most famous content creators of PUBG. He is from Turkey. He is famous by the name coffin.  The coffin is also famous by name coffin 69 and hyper coffin. He has changed his game name to 69coffin. Coffin started his youtube journey in the year 2017 and has approximately 2 million subscribers. He left the youtube channel in the past but has started his work again and is growing day by day.

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