How to see who viewed your location on snap chat?

How to see who viewed your location on snap chat

Of course, Snap chat is one of the most loved and social media platforms. While the application has eminent and promising privacy policies it has got a map too. This feature locates you on a map where anyone who is allowed can keep a track of your location. Every time you open the app to get a beautiful click, your location gets updated. Here is everything you should know about the snap map and know who is checking your location on snap chat.

How Can I Restrict Someone From Tracking My Location On Snap Chat?

For those who have got privacy concerns with the snap map, here is the navigation to the settings that you must try to ensure your privacy with snap maps.

#1. Turn on the Ghost Mode or the Only Me option to allow no one to trace you. You can even set an expiration time for a particular time period.

In SnapChat Turn On Ghost Mode

#2. If you have trustworthy friends then you can simply go for “My Friends” to flaunt your travel in front of your friends.

#3. If you want some of your friends to not know where you are, go for “My Friends, Except…”. You can mark the friends from whom you want to hide your location and others from your friend list can have your location.

#4. If you just have selective friends to trust, or to say if you are reserved, go for “Only These Friends”.This narrows your close friend list.

Whatever you choose but don’t put a story from your recent snap with the location. This can land you up being visible to all your friends.

Does Snapchat allow me to check who spied on me by checking my location on a snapshot map?

Your location gets updated every time you open Snapchat and if your location on snap map is enabled, anyone can know where you are chilling.

Of course, Here there is not a proper method and direct steps in order to know who knows and who is checking your location.

However, your location disappears when you turn “ghost mode” on or do not open Snapchat for 5-6 hours.

You must know about the travel feature:

While Snapchat does not give you direct access to know who checks your location on the snap map it has something called the Travel Feature.

When someone travels from one place to another, Snapchat considers your travel as a story and you can check who has seen your travel story.

Steps to check who has seen your travel history:

#1. First of all, Open your profile

#2. Then, Click on my story or travel story

#3. Check out the listing to see the viewers of your travel story.

If you are the one who is concerned about your privacy, you can always avoid snap maps with privacy settings or with the tricks mentioned below.

How to hide your location on snap chat without actually hiding it?

We have gathered some tips for you to hide your exact location. The best part about this is, your friends will locate you on the snap map but that won’t be your true location. Doesn’t, This sound interesting?

Check out these quick tips:

#1. Have a phone with Snapchat running on it at home while you can enjoy your freedom with another phone that doesn’t make you open Snapchat again and again.

#2. Another way is to get an android emulator for your PC. Obviously, you use it as a Snapchat base to cover you.

You can always use the varied location filters to play safe with your privacy. Stay safe and enjoy your privacy.

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