How To View NX .PRT Files On A Macbook?

How To View NX .PRT Files On A Macbook

Nx. PRT files are for the data that contain the 3D images. So if you receive any of these files, it means that a 3D design has been sent to you. But the question that arises here is how to view nx .prt files on MacBook. There are various ways to view these files.

If you are here, it means you have tried out all the normal ways to open these files. Yet you failed to open these files. This guide will help you open these files without any worry. Here is more about these file-opening processes.

Different Ways To View NX .PRT Files On A Macbook

There are different ways to open these files. One of the most common ways is the first method. It is hassle-free and requires no time to open the files.

Method-1: Download External NX Viewer Application

  1. For this method, you have to download an external app.
  2. This app will ensure that you can open these files even on your mobile phone or on your MacBook.
  3. This app is called NX Viewer.
  4.  This application is available on the Siemens site. To download this app, you have to give your email ID and other information. Then they will direct you to the link of this app. You can choose the version to download like for Android and IOS and all. 
  5. So after successfully installing you have to choose the option of “open with NX payer” every time you open any file with NX. PRT.

Link to get the app–

Method-2: Use Third-Party CAD Viewers

If you prefer exploring alternative solutions, there are third-party CAD viewers available for Mac that support the viewing of.PRT files.

Some popular options include:

#1. Autodesk Fusion 360

Autodesk Fusion 360 is a versatile CAD viewer that supports various file formats, including.PRT. Visit the Autodesk website, download AutoCAD 360, and use it to open and view your.PRT files on your MacBook.

#2. eDrawings

eDrawings by Dassault Systèmes is another excellent choice for viewing.PRT files. Download and install the eDrawings viewer, and open your.PRT file, and explore the 3D model with ease.

Method-3: Use Convertibles

You can use online websites to convert these files into some other formats. And then open these files. So this way requires some time. But if the other ways are not working then you can convert these files into the.SRT files and then open them in your Macbook.

There will be no need for some external app to open the SRT files in your Macbook. However, converting and transferring might take some time. So if the size of the file is large then it can take a few minutes to load.

After converting your file, you can explore web-based 3D viewers like 3D Viewer Online or ShareCAD. Upload your converted file to these platforms, and they will provide an interactive interface for viewing and navigating the 3D model.


In conclusion, Here is the guide on how to view nx .prt files on a Macbook. There are various ways to open these files in your Macbook. Since the apps that work in Android to open these files do not work in iOS.

So you will need different apps to open these files. These files are used by home designers, fashion designers, and all. They give their designs in 3D forms. So that the client gets a good idea bout the home and the design. so creating these files is very easy.

But those who do not know these files might face some problems in opening these files. so this guide has proposed several ways to open these files. You can try either way. If one is not working then you can try other ways. The easiest way is the first method.


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