How To Find A LIFX Light Bulb Address On A MAC?

How To Find A LIFX Light Bulb Address On A MAC

Smart lights are the new trend. Now you do not need a switch to on and off the lights. Also, you can change the color of the lights. This will transform your whole place’s vibe. So LIFX is one such brand in the world of lightning. And these help to transform your place in such a vibe. Here is the guide on how to find a LIFX light bulb address on a Mac. Light bulb address is essential to manage the control of the lights.

Lifx lighting is controlled through the wifi. So the bulb address is crucial to know. Because if you have the bulb address only then you can take control of the navigation system. Here is more on this topic of the bulb address of LIFX.

Basic About The LIFX Bulb Address

Before diving into any process, It is essential to know the basics about the LIFX bulb address. The “address” in this context refers to the IP address assigned to your LIFX smart bulb on your local network.

This address is crucial for communication between your Mac and the smart bulb. It allows you to control it through the LIFX app or other compatible platforms.

Requirement Of The LIFX Bulb Address

Due to the following, the requirement for the LIFX bulb address is necessary. So if you have the address then you can follow the function through the bulb.

  1. To attain the network stability and security you will need the IP address of the bulb.
  2. If you are using a Mac device and do not want others to have access to that bulb then you should know the bulb address for this purpose.
  3. If your bulb is unresponsive troubleshooting is necessary. This can only be done if you have the right bulb address.

So all these things are really necessary to do. These things can only get done with the help of a bulb address.

So Here’s How To Find A LIFX Light Bulb Address On A Mac


The process of finding the number is very simple.

  1. All you have to do is look at the bottom of the bulb.
  2. You will see various numbers in those sections.
  3. The number displayed after the S/N is the bulb address.
  4. If you do not want any device or app to find the number then this is the basic way to find the bulb address.


The second process is by using the LIFX app.

  1. You can open this app and then click on the bulb that you wish to know the bulb address.
  2. After clicking on the bulb, You have to click on the three dots present at the top right corner of the bulb.
  3. Now click on the option saying “light setting” in this list.
  4. And now click on the serial number.
  5. The serial number is the bulb address. You can easily get the number in these ways.

Setting Up Of The LIFX Bulb

The setting up of this bulb is very essential. Because if you will not see correctly then they will not work properly. You will need a stable wifi connection for this. If you are using this on mobile data then the data speed should be good enough.

Before placing the bulb in the final position, make sure that it is taking the commands properly. If the commands are accepted properly. Then disconnect the bulb and then connect again. This will save you the hassle of attaching and removing the bulb from the source.

Preventive Measure With LIFX Bulb

Lifx bulbs are sensitive. If the data interrupts then they will not work. If the electricity flow is light then this bulb will not work. You have to reset the settings from time to time.

Otherwise, it will start glitching. So you have to ensure that you are using these bulbs safely. All the preventive measures should be followed to ensure the long life of the bulb.


In conclusion, Here is how to find a LIFX light bulb address on a Mac. The process is very simple. You will not require any external app installed for this process. If you have your LIFX app that you use to control the bulb.

So it will be enough. All you should remember is which bulb address you would like to see. This will be enough for you. This guide will help you reach to the bulb address in two different ways. And both ways are very simple. Hope you all will find this helpful.

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