How To Use Voucher On Hopper {Help Guide}

How To Use Voucher On Hopper {Help Guide}

Here is how you can use your voucher on Hopper. You can easily redeem a voucher here. All you have to do is use that in a right way. Here is everything that you need to know about vouchers and the redeeming process on Hopper.

How To Use The Voucher On Hopper?

If you are a travel person then you must have heard about Hopper. because planning a trip can be very stressful and Hopper helps you in planning your trip by giving you options in flight booking and hotel bookings. Some airlines provide the same trip at a cheap rate while sometimes you pay almost double the money for an affordable trip. So, here comes a Hopper who calculates all the trips cost for you and shows you the cheapest options. Along with this it also shows the merits and demerits of the flight.

You have booked almost every flight here. But only a few people know that Hopper has a voucher system and you can get a huge discount with the help of these vouchers. Here is how to use the voucher on Hopper.

Facilities Provided By Hopper

Hopper is one and one stop for all kinds of facilities that are a must while traveling. Here is the list of facilities that you will get when you will start to use hopper.

1) You can book any hotel in your desired location. After booking, you will receive a code and you have to show that code at the hotel reception. After that, your booking will be confirmed. So hopper gives proper security in the bookings.

2) You can change the location of your hotel if your plans have changed. No extra fees will be charged for this process. You can even cancel the hotel before 24 hours of check-in. And no one will deduct from your booking amount. So it is a safe and user-friendly app.

3) The payment methods are very simple here. You can pay via almost every payment method like credit card, debit card, PayPal, and more. If you have enough vouchers then you can pay for the full flight with just vouchers only.

4) This app tells you when is the best time to book a flight ticket or to book a hotel. If this app shows a discount on the bookings of your wishlist flight or hotel. Then you will automatically receive a pop-up notification.

All these are a few benefits and facilities of using hopper. You can use hopper to plan your trip from day to day last. And if you are a regular user here then you will see some extra discount on your every booking.

Steps To Using A Voucher On Hopper

Here is the full information about a hopper voucher. Make sure that you read all this before redeeming a voucher on hopper. If you have a voucher then it will only apply to those bookings that will be prepaid. So you have to pay the money in advance if you want to use the voucher. If your voucher is of more worth than your booking then the remaining money will not be transferred to you. So, make sure that you always use a voucher that has a lower value than your bookings.

You can not use more than one voucher in a single booking. Although you can add on extra discounts with your vouchers. Having another can save you hundreds of dollars on your bookings. If you used a voucher in one booking and then cancelled that booking. Then you can not get the used voucher back. So, you have to use the vouchers very carefully here. Use a voucher only when you are sure about your booking. Even if you change your booking location the voucher will not work.

Your final bookings will not show the vouchers until you apply them yourself. After applying the voucher the money will automatically reduce from your final payment.

Car Rentals On Hopper

You can rent a car on a hopper. Just like your book on any other app, you can book a car for yourself here. However, you should have a minimum age of 18 years to do this. Hopper has recently updated this in their app. So you will see a car icon on the home screen. As soon as you click on the icon all you have to do is provide the pickup location and the drop location. And your car will come to pick you up within 5 minutes. Make sure that you double-check all the locations. You can complete your ride by section, the type of car and the driver’s age. But hopper will deduct some amount if you cancel your ride. So always check the locations before finalizing the trip.


In conclusion, here is the complete details for how you can use a voucher on a hopper. You can get these vouchers from wall matters, grocery stores, and online purchases. So make sure that you use all these vouchers very carefully. Here is everything that you need to know about these vouchers and how to redeem them.

Only use the voucher when you are competing sure for your bookings. There are different types of vouchers. some vouchers only work in the hotel booking and some only work in the flight booking as always check your voucher first bere applying. A voucher comes with all the information so you can easily tell for what purpose you can use the voucher.

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