How to use outlook schedule email in all versions

How to use outlook schedule email in all versions

There are moments when we wouldn’t want to give an immediate response to someone’s mail. Or wish to delay delivery of the mail. In such instances, Outlook schedule email is a handy option, especially when you are packed with so much work and can’t risk forgetting to send the message. 

In this article provide a detailed guide to schedule an outlook email in Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, and 365 have been given below.

1) First up all, you can open outlook.

2) Then, you will find a button for New Email on the Microsoft outlook ribbon’s left corner at the top.  Click on that to open a new window of compose box.

3) Afterwards you can enter the email address of the recipient in the “To” section. Multiple recipients can be added via BCC and CC fields.

4) Write an appropriate subject line following the recipient’s address.

5) Following the subject write, compose the body of the email to send.

6) To begin with, the process for scheduling, click on the options tab contained in the outlook ribbon.

7) Next, you can select the option of  ‘Delay Delivery’. It will offer you all the functionalities to schedule the email.

8) Dialog box will appear on the screen. Select the desired delivery time from the section of ‘Delivery Options’. You will get several options contained in the check box. From the list, select the functionalities that you wish to use.

9) Click Close to close the dialog box. Hereafter, you will land back on the compose box so far.

10) Click the send option to schedule the message.

The emails will be saved in the outbox folder after you click on the send button and will be sent as per the given instructions.

Why do we need to schedule emails?

There can be instances where it would be preferable not to reply immediately to the mail- because you do not wish to sound eager, you do not wish to convey the message that you are available every time- and whatnot. There can be numerous reasons why you wish to schedule the emails. And Outlook has got everything covered- all you need to do is compose the mail, schedule it, and select send.

Also, it saves the effort of remembering to reply to emails. You can reply as per your convenience and the mails will be delivered at the demanded date and time. Along with this, when you are communicating with a person who belongs from a different time zone. Or it’s some inappropriate time and something just clicked your mind and you wish to mail that thing- in all such scenarios, you can schedule the mail to be sent later. Scheduling the mails increases the rate of opening and response as we can schedule it at an appropriate time when the chances of the recipient checking his mails are high.

When in doubt, you can schedule the mail and later cancel it. Moreover, Outlook gives you the option to schedule the mails for even a year late.

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