How To Unmatch Someone On Facebook Dating?

How To Unmatch Someone On Facebook Dating

Facebook’s dating app is like most popular dating sites, and therefore there may be instances where you may need to unmatch someone. In this article, we will be answering the question, “How to unmatch someone on Facebook dating?” 

Facebook is known to be one of the best social media platforms, with a large social network. This power of Facebook makes it one of the best places to find love online. 

How does Facebook dating work?

In the Facebook dating app, you match with people who are not your friend already. Hence, you get a fresh perspective on new people. Though you can view the mutuals of the new person. Yet, there can be circumstances where you don’t approve of the person even though you have mutual amongst yourselves. It can be due to numerous reasons, maybe your opinions don’t match, or you have different beliefs. Whatever the reason may be, your automatic response would be to unmatch with that person. 

So, coming to the main question – “How to unmatch with someone on a Facebook dating app?” 

Safety And Support

If you feel uncomfortable while using the Facebook dating app you can look for the safety and support option. It can be found in the upper right corner of the chat window. If you feel unsafe by any means this feature is reassuring and will provide you with the necessary means to avoid the person further. 

After clicking on it you will get three options. You can either report the account to Facebook, block the user, or remove the chat or discussion. You can then choose from there on according to your need. 

Deleting The Conversation, And Removing The Person From The Chat Queue

To safely unmatch someone from the Facebook dating app you can delete the conversation first. A “delete the conversation” tag is there in red text and available at the bottom. You can click on it to safely delete any conversation. 

This method will unmatch the user as well as delete the conversation. It is important to note that once deleted you cannot retrieve the conversation. This will unmatch you from the user and you will no longer receive any unwanted texts from them. It is polite to let them know why you are disconnecting from them. 

Block The Person

If the person appears to be inappropriate and harasses you then it is advisable to directly block them. Blocking the person will not delete the conversation or chat you have with them. But it will disconnect the user, and prohibit them from connecting with you further on. Hence, you will unmatch the account on the Facebook dating app. 

You have the agency to control your online dating life, and if someone is making it stressful by any means, and leaves you feeling overwhelmed you can take charge and block the person. 

Report The Conversation

It is not that rare to encounter some creeps during your journey of online dating. Even though it is a Facebook dating app, and you have mutual friends, you can, unfortunately, match with someone who is inappropriate. In these scenarios, the best way to respond to it is by reporting the user account to Facebook dating.

When you click on “report the conversation”, it asks you to enter your own reason for reporting the account. This will report the account to Facebook which will keep the account under review and then unmatch you from the user account. 

In case you want immediate results, you should go for deleting the conversation or blocking the user. This will give instant results and you will be cut off from the user in a second. On the other hand, reporting the account is a lengthy process where you have to wait until the review from Facebook is complete, after which the account will be blocked. There are also instances where they may decide to not block the account. 

To summarize, you can unmatch someone on the Facebook dating app, by clicking on the safety and security option. It is available as a “shield” button on the top right corner of the chat window. There you can choose from the three options of deleting the conversation, blocking the person, and reporting them. Deleting and blocking yield instant results while reporting takes time.

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