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Super Mario Party: How to Unlock Unlockable Characters

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We are delighted to share our complete guide to unlocking characters in Super Mario Party. Here, you’ll find all the information to unlock, the unlockable characters. You won’t find it difficult, once you know the path.

The Four Unlockable Characters

Of course, here there are four characters that can be unlocked within Super Mario Party. In fact, each character in the game is unique in its abilities and also has an individual method of unlocking these abilities.

Here are four unlockable characters in Super Mario Party:

#1. Dry Bones – This character can regenerate itself even after the attack. However, after an attack, they get down. but the best thing is, the undead Koopas, soon revive themselves. But, some attacking methods can still work over their abilities, in Super Mario Party.

#2. Donkey Kong – As the character donkey kong, is inspired by a gorilla. He has that gorilla type of ability within. He can punch his opponent with this tremendous strength. And has a great jump and power, he just relax on his island and his best friend Diddy Kong.

#3. Diddy Kong – Co-existing with many different abilities, Diddy Kong has its special ability of Superhuman Speed. As the word include super in its ability, he can jump far than other characters and can run at an extremely fast speed.

#4. Pom Pom – Unlike other characters, she is inspired by tortoises. She can attack Mario, by throwing 2-3 boomerangs, and then jump away instantly. She is also able to spin in her shell, to be able to attack Mario.

These are the four characters that can be unlocked from Super Mario Party. Let’s now see how we can unlock these characters.

To Learn How To Unlock Characters in Super Mario Party?

As you know the unlockable character and their abilities, it’s now easy to know, whom to use and unlock.

First, we should start with the easiest character to unlock, the Dry Bones,

#1. Dry Bones

Dry Bones

Unlocking Dry Bones isn’t much challenging. In reality, it’s one of the characters that is easiest to unlock. Dry Bones will randomly appear while playing different modes, in Super Mario Party.

Rank B Tier

Roll of the Dice 1 1 1 6 6 6

#2. Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong also known as DK can only be unlocked once you have completed three different courses in River Survival Mode. Once you have reached there you need to talk to DK at the plaza. Then, later it will be unlocked.

RankS Tier

Roll of the Dice +5 0 0 0 10 10

#3. Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong

Of course, Diddy Kong is the most dependable friend for donkey kong. Keep their friendship aside, their superpowers are quite different. It can only be unlocked in Super Mario Party when you crossed a chestnut forest in world 2 in Challenge Mode.

RankC Tier

Roll of the Dice0 0 0 7 7 7

#4. Pom Pom

Unlock Character of Super Mario Party - Pom Pom Face

Pom Pom, if she is your lucky playable character, let me remind you how to unlock her. She will only appear, when you have completed salty sea, in challenge mode (world 5), in Super Mario Party.

Rank – B Tier

Roll of the Dice – 0 3 3 3 3 8

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Final Words

So, now that’s it for the article, Super Mario Party contains many characters to be unlocked. But these are some of the characters you can unlock while playing.

In Donkey Kong, the dice roll section it’s written +5, which means, the dice roll will cause the gain in coin ‘+5’.

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