How To Respond To Grand Rising?

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The concept of Grand Rising has come into the talks lately. People are trying for a change, and while a lot do not appreciate it, it is still worth giving a shot!

What is Grand Rising?

Grand Rising basically means Good morning. Recently, people have been using Grand Rising as a substitute for a good morning. Still, there has been a lot of fuss about the same, that is, whether to say good morning or grand rising.

Does Grand Rising represent a different perspective?

Well, the perspective side is really subjective. It changes from person to person. You can not assume what perspective the other person is carrying. The thing to be understood is that it really matters with the experience of the other person.

A lot of people who say good morning did not have a good experience. So they might prefer to change it with a grand rising. Obviously, this is just a myth, but until it is giving them any hope, I feel it is fine.

A lot many people think that saying grand rising makes a difference. It is unique and catchy to say. Well honestly, yes it is catchy, but not everyone is familiar with the term as of yet. So it is still better to stick with a good morning. No one likes to use the dictionary to understand what other people say. Thus you can keep it simple by just saying good morning.

So how to respond when someone says grand rising?

Well, honestly you can keep it real simple. Firstly you need to understand that when someone is saying grand rising, they are not asking a question. So you are not obligated to answer it. But at the same time, just try to be the polite and kind person that you really are.

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You can pass on a smile to appreciate the other person’s greetings. Or else you can say or respond by saying –

  • Have a good day.
  • Indeed it is a good morning.
  • It is a grand rising indeed.

You can respond grand rising the above ways Or you can use casual talk in case you do not like the new phrase. Touching the other person while responding is not mandatory though. It completely depends on your relationship with the person and mood.

A lot of people like to hug while saying good morning or grand rising. Again, it is not mandatory to do so. You can always go for a handshake or a casual fist bump.

What not to do while responding to grand rising?

Avoid being annoying or unkind in case you do not prefer the phrase. Ignorance or being uneasy is the last thing a person will expect of his or her greetings.

Always try to avoid doing the following things while responding to grand rising –

  • Never ignore the person who took the effort to greet you.
  • Never say anything profane.
  • Never try to be uneasy or give a tough time to the person who greets you.
  • Never let the other person think that you are being rude.

Grand rising is just a greeting. So appreciate it like a greeting and try not to make a fuss about it.

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