Featured Image - How To Make A Man Cry In Bedroom {7 Ways}

How To Make A Man Cry In Bedroom {7 Ways}

If you really wanna make your man cry in the bedroom then all the below mentioned tricks work 100%. man loves foreplay and neck kisses like women hence never underestimate the power of these two.

How To Make A Man Cry In Bedroom – {Give Pleasure To Your Man}

Sex is something that gives pleasure to both men and women. Enjoying sex is a good thing and there is no shame in seeking self-pleasure. You can enjoy sex alone and with your partner. You can make them feel more pleasurable than anything. Everyone is aware of the women’s sensitive spots but when it comes to men it seems a little trick. You have to do experiments to know the sensitive spot. Here are some tricks that work for all men. Here you will get to know about how to make a man cry in the bedroom.

Girl and boy together for bedroom

#1. Say His Name

If you want to make a man scream then build the sexual tension. And the most effective way to do so is by taking his name. When he is doing something very sexual to you just say his name out loud. Take his name again and again. Make sure you call him by his first name and not from the pet name that you have given to him.

#2. Move To His Thighs

If you want to make your man cry in the bedroom then focus on his thighs. The thighs are a very sensitive area for both men and women. Foreplay leads to great sex. Many people have the misconception that man does not like foreplay. But this is just a myth. Don’t worry about this misconception and go for the foreplay. Do light kisses on his sensitive spots. Make him moan. Doing this will increase the desire for sex and he will feel more pleasure.

#3. Play With Neck And Ears

Women play with men neck and ears

Like women, men also like neck kisses and ear biting. Ths all increase the sexual tension between you two. Gives a lot of time to play with his neck. Gently bite his ear lobe. Say naughty things in his ears. All these things make him go wild and he will come for you more passionately. These two spots come under the most erogenous zone in the human body. Biting and kissing on these areas give chillies to the human body hence it stimulates sexual pleasure.

#4. Blow Job

Women blowjob in bedroom and make a cry for men

This is a well-known fact that men like blow jobs more than anything. A girl can satisfy any man in the bedroom just from the blow job. Sp never underestimates this. You can make your man scream from a blow job. Pay attention to his face while giving him the blow job. Let them scream. Men feel very dominant during blow jobs hence it gives them more and more pleasure than expected. Always go down first and do not give him a chance to resist you. Talking about the pleasure-giving things on the bed then blow job comes first on the list.

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#5. Play With Temperature

Another thing that you can try to make a man cry in bed is playing with the temperature. Men love the temperature change. Most people do not try this but it is very effective. All you need to do is put ice between your lips and then kiss your man on the thighs, neck, and ear. Kiss on all the sensitive spots. And you will see the magic itself. This thing gives him many different sensations at once. Which in turn increases the sexual urge and gives more pleasure than normal intercourse.

#6. Massage

Give him a relaxing massage. it will not be a normal massage. Use your mouth and tongue in between the massage. Do not make your move obvious. By doing this you will make him more curious about your next move. And he will feel more pleasure. Men love playing in bed more than women. They just do not admit this thing. However, everyone has different preferences but it is true with 90% of the men. So replace your hand in between the massage sessions. In some men, the sensitive area also includes the back. So try to kiss on his back with the ice in your mouth.

#7. Use Sex Toys

Sex toys are not only for women. Both men and women can use these. Sex toys give immense pleasure to the human body. Men love seeing their partner tested. Hence they like to tease you. Sex toys are the best way that can help. They add extra pleasure to your foreplay. Do not compare your partner with the sex toys. Some women do this and this becomes a big turn-off for men. When you moan and say his name out loud with pain and pleasure man adores that. So never underestimate the power of sex toys. Also do not avoid using them in the foreplay.


In conclusion, making your man moan out loud and hearing him cry during the sex is the best thing. The same thing goes with him too. Here are some very effective methods that can give more pleasure to your man and make them cry. Try these trucks and you will see the difference in his energy and desire. Make sure that you do not overdo things because they will seem more annoying. These all methods are tested and verified hence you don’t worry about implying them. They only have good effects.

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