How To Put Tesla In Neutral {Help Guide}

How To Put Tesla In Neutral {Help Guide}

In this article, all you need to know about is how to put Tesla in neutral. As a matter of fact, Tesla is Probably one of the biggest car companies. One with the highest growth rate. Its contribution to the category of electric vehicles is magnificent – to say the least. But that’s not the only highlight of it. It has been popular because of several other surreal advancements.

The company approached a lot of customer satisfaction. Not just the support but – the comfort, the high-tech features, the look. And, that too at just an above-average price range. Tesla’s focus is on efficiency, reliability, and safety. This has made them one of the most trustworthy brands in the automotive world.

They have set a new standard for the industry. This has inspired countless other companies to follow their lead in the pursuit of sustainable energy and make electric vehicles. They took electric cars, from a niche to mainstream.

But, most people are used to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. Being such a high-tech and almost automatic car, they may not know how it works. Some of them might not be able to even wrap their head around the basic functions of the car.

Talking about function, knowing how to put a car in neutral is one of the most basic and important of driving. The neutral function is important to use cars safely. Similarly, Tesla is no different. But, in Tesla, the route to turn on the neutral is a bit tech-savvy. Here, is a guide, to help you understand how to neutral your Tesla:

Step-1: Make sure the parking mode is on

Before we even begin, you must ensure that the park mode is on. This is to ensure your car’s security and grip.

In case you don’t know how to put your car in park mode, simply press the brake pedal and then press the park button on the fear stalk. This will activate the park mode.

Step-2: Tap and Hold the Gear Stalk

As we have put the car in park mode, we can safely switch to neutral. Now, tap and hold the gear stalk down to engage the neutral button. Hold it for a while until the “N” symbol shows up on the panel. It means that the car is now in neutral mode.

Step-3: Release the Gear Stalk

Now, after the lightning up of the “N” symbol, we are assured that your car is in neutral mode. You can release the gear stalk to sit back and relax. You can now roll your car without the electric motor engaging.

Especially when you need to push your car in some emergencies like empty fuel or engine issues.

Step-4: How To Shift Tesla To Neutral While Driving

Disclaimer: It is not advised to shift your Tesla to neutral while driving. The reason is the danger of damaging your care and risk. However, there may be some situations. where you need to do that. For instance, when going through car washes or when towing your car.

In such situations, you can sift your Tesla to neutral using its tow mode. Tow mode is a feature in Tesla cars. It is designed to make it safe and easy to tow your car. To activate tow mode, go to the Controls menu on the touchscreen panel and then select Vehicles > Tow Mode. Once you do this, you can shift into neutral while driving without any issues.

Step-5: Shifting Back To Drive Or Reverse

Once you know to put your Tesla in neutral, it is equally important knowing how to shift it back to drive or reverse. To do this, simply tap and hold the stalk up or down. The direction of the stalk depends on the direction you want to go. Now, hold it for a few seconds until the “D” or “R” symbol lightens up on the instrument panel. This is the indication that your car is now in drive or reverse mode.

Note: It is necessary to follow the above-given steps to avoid damaging your Tesla Car. Tesla’s user manual also states that attempting to shift into neutral while driving can lead to a loss of control and result in an accident. Therefore, always make sure that you are in park mode before attempting to shift the mode to neutral.

As electric cars such as the Tesla Model S and Model X 2021 continue to gain popularity it is important to learn how to perform basic functions in them if you own one. With the above step, you’d easily be able to put your Tesla car in neutral whenever you need to.

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