How to Change Gamemode in Arsenal VIP Server

How to Change Gamemode in Arsenal VIP Server

In this article, we will be answering how to change gamemode in Arsenal VIP Server. Apart from changing the game mode, the Arsenal server also has other commands, which we will look at in this article.

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About Arsenal VIP Server 

Arsenal is a well-known shooting game, and players enjoy playing this game as it offers quick-moving simulation. The game is available on the Roblox platform and has a private server, also known as VIP Server.

Arsenal VIP Server is a private server that gives a unique experience to gamers. In this server, players can customize their game mode and use VIP commands to change the game’s settings.

VIP Servers can be purchased for 100 Roblux. However, players can’t earn EXP/B$ inside this server by playing rounds. Instead, to earn EXP/B$, players can complete daily challenges.

In this Arsenal VIP Server, the owner/host can change the game mode by pressing ‘L’ and selecting – Next Gametype. Here you will get different game modes. Select any of them.

How to Change Gamemode in Arsenal VIP Server – Easy Tutorial

Step1 – Join the Server as the Server Owner

To change Gamemode in the VIP server, you need to log in as an owner. As in these private servers, only the admin (owner) can access VIP server command options.

Step2 – Press the ‘L’ Key

Once you have logged in as an owner and are on this page of your server (see the below image),, press the L key to get VIP Server commands.

Arsenal game


Step4 – Select ‘Set Next Gametype

how to change gamemode in Arsenal VIP Server

After pressing the ‘L’ key, you will see the above option on your screen.

Select – Next Gametype to change the Game Mode in Arsenal VIP Server. You can select the game mode by clicking on the game mode you like. You will get many types of Game modes; if you don’t want to select a new game mode, tap on ‘L’ to go back to the previous screen.

Gamemode in Arsenal VIP Server

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Arsenal VIP Server – Commands

how to change gamemode in Arsenal VIP Server

In the above image, you can see commands from Arsenal VIP Servers; in total, you can see eight options; let’s see how they work.

  1. Set Next Map: By tapping on this command, you can select map for your game, they have many options to select.
  2. Set Next Gametype: This is the gametype, you can select which gametype you like, eg. Arcade, Gun Rotation, Randomizer.
  3. End Game: This command will simply end the game and you will be return back to lobby.
  4. Kick A Player: Once you click on it, the list of player will appear. You can tap on their username to kick them out of the game.
  5. Big Head: This increase the size of player’s head, the mode can be useful for practising headshots. To close the Big Head mode, simply press ‘L’ key and click on Big Head mode again to close it.
  6. Low Gravity: In this mode, you can jump high as the effect of gravity will reduce. You can turn it off by clicking on it again.
  7. Team Mode: You’ll have three team mode, two teams, four teams, and free for all. Free for all it like war zone, many players can enter this game mode.
  8. Exit: You will be exited from the VIP server.

Conclusion – 

That’s it for this How to Change Gamemode in Arsenal VIP Server article, I hope you find it helpful. The Arsenal Game is fun playing with friends, using their commands makes game more enjoyable.

As you seen in this article, selecting Gamemode is easy, all you need to do is press ‘L’ key and select the Set Next Gametype option.

And you’ll be seeing various types of gaming mode, why not explore some new gaming modes.

Thanks for reading!

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