How To Precondition Tesla Battery {4 Methods}

How To Precondition Tesla Battery {4 Methods}

In this article, we will see how to precondition the tesla battery. Tesla uses li-ion batteries which makes them a very good option for long-range. But sometimes in cold weather, we need to precondition batteries. There are different methods for doing that.

Electric Vehicles

As we all know nowadays all vehicle companies are focusing more on electric vehicles as compared to diesel or petrol vehicles. Due to increasing pollution, there are many other factors. One of the major companies that are producing good quality electric vehicles is Tesla. Tesla is one of the major companies in the market right now. And we can also say that its electric cars are more famous than any other company. But you may have questioned why Tesla is that much popular. So now we’ll tell you about them in detail.

Why Tesla?

This is because Tesla is the most innovative company in the electric vehicle segment. Tesla’s battery is very powerful compared to other brands. They use a Li-ion battery that is very fastly rechargeable. It can be fully charged within 15-30 minutes. While other company’s vehicles take much more time for that. But a major issue with these batteries is that they don’t work properly in extremely cold weather. Their charging speed decreases and you can also face problems in starting the engine.

The solution to this problem is that you can precondition your tesla battery. Now, some of you have listened to preconditioning but if you haven’t then we’re here to explain to you.

What Is Preconditioning?

We do preconditioning when the charging speed becomes slow. This means that you must need to heat your battery to a specified amount of level before charging it. It increases the battery’s life and provides a better experience. People who live in cold areas most of the time face problems with batteries. So, this method is very useful for them to quickly charge the battery and have long-lasting battery life. Preconditioning your Tesla battery can help you in these cases.

Do many people ask how to precondition tesla batteries?

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Methods For How To Precondition Your Tesla Battery

There are 4 different methods that you can use to precondition your tesla battery. All of them are working and very helpful. After reading about all of them you can use any method that suits you and with which you’re comfortable. So now let’s read about preconditioning batteries for fast charging.

#1. Conserving Battery

When you’re driving in cold weather then you must know that you have to drive your car very gently. Accelerating the car fastly or braking suddenly can reduce the battery’s life. So, you have to drive your car properly and with responsibility. If you’re not driving the car then don’t use it for just sitting and chilling. When you’re driving in very cold weather conditions then decompress the accelerator slowly which will help you to precondition your tesla battery.

#2. Use Tesla App

First of all, you have to open the tesla app. You’ll find a climate control setting there. You have to turn on the climate control settings. You’ll see a snowflake icon there. This icon means that your battery is heating up and it will help to increase the performance of the battery. It will automatically heat the battery and you’ll surely experience good battery life. This is one of the easiest ways to precondition your Tesla battery.

#3. One Route Battery Warmup

Some of the tesla models may not have this feature but all new models have. By turning this feature on in your car you can precondition your battery before charging. When you’ll select a charging station on which you’re going then it will automatically start heating up before 10-20 miles. The battery will slowly heat up after this and help you with faster charging. When you’ll reach the charging station then you’ll notice that charging time is reduced by approx 50%. This is done because of the one-route battery warmup feature. It will automatically warm up your battery for charging.

#4. Scheduled Departure

There is another feature in your car named the scheduled departure feature. This feature helps you to precondition your car at a certain time. You have to set a departure time for the car and it will automatically precondition your car. This feature will be found in the schedule option. This is very helpful because you get your car’s battery preconditioned even before starting it. You just have to set a departure time for it. Also, this is one of the most used features for preconditioning tesla cars because it is very easy and convenient.


By preconditioning your car you will experience an increased performance of your tesla. Other than that your car’s range within one charging will be more than before. You just have to use any of the above-listed methods to precondition your car’s tesla battery. A small step can help you to get a better experience even in cold weather conditions. So, if you’re not using these features even after living in cold areas then you’re reducing your battery’s life and its range too. You’ll see a difference in performance too. That’s why you should always precondition your battery.

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