Top electric vehicle companies in India & World

Top electric vehicle companies in India & World

List of Top electric vehicle companies in India & World

In this article, We’ll explore Top electric car companies in India & World. Elon Musk became the richest man in the world and made sensational headlines. His wealth grew from $23 billion to a whopping $189 billion dollars. It is something that no investor has ever predict. If you would have invested in tesla, You may enjoy a sweet return. But if you have miss onto that, Don’t miss the upcoming Opportunities. Learn about the top electric companies in India and the world. Because the future demands the use of renewable energy. And demands will equate to profits.

Top 6 electric vehicle companies in Indian Country

1) Mahindra Electric

Mahindra Electric is one of the leaders in electric car manufacturing. The company pioneer in electric cars and in their design. The company aims to develop and sell cars across the globe. They have already some experience of selling electric vehicles overseas. Mahindra Electric is a part of the Mahindra & Mahindra conglomerate. They are one of the first to enter India’s market.

2) Tata Motors

Tata Motors is another big brand in the Indian market. The firm manufactured vehicles that are being exported to multiple countries. Tata Motors is a part of the larger firm Tata Group. The company acquired the British luxurious brand Jaguar Land Rover. It is inevitable that the growth of the firm would spiral in the coming days.

3) Ather Energy

Ather Energy is a popular Indian electric vehicle manufacturing company. The company mainly focuses on electric scooters. The company has also started creating its own infrastructure for the electric grid and charging stations. It has won the prize for an innovative startup and secures a certain amount to work on it.

4) Hero Electric

Hero Electric is one of the most recognizable brands in India. Though their entry into the electric market is new, They dominant the fossil fuel market. The hero is a big brand and has trust among the Indian consumer. They would have a competitive edge when they would enter this segment.

5) Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland may be the most recognizable brand in India. Because we see the brand logo across the country. They are pioneers in manufacturing heavy vehicles. And now they are transitioning into the electric market sector. It would be great to see what new they could bring to the field.

6) Lohia Auto

Lohia Auto is an Indian company that incorporated in 2008. They focus on electric scooters and the benefits. They have over 100 dealers in India. The company aims to increase its capacity and bring in more dealers. They have also expanded in electric rickshaws and have created a good impact.

Top 6 electric vehicle companies in World Companies

Although the Indian market is growing at a rapid phase. The electric vehicle companies have already matured outside India. They have made significant progress and are able to sell across the globe. To give you some idea, We’ll look into some of the top electric vehicle manufacturing company in the world.

1) Tesla

It should not come as a surprise that Tesla is on the list. The company is the face of electric cars in the entire world. Their total market capitalization is over $800 billion dollars. They surpass their competitors’ revenue to over 700 percent. The company was started by Martin Eberhard, But later Elon Musk joined and took over as the CEO. Since after taking the company into his hand, He has increased the company worth by tremendous value. Not only they are great at manufacturing cars, But they also aim to create electric batteries that could replace the whole coal industry.

2) Volkswagen

Volkswagen is again a very popular German company that has been very active in electric cars. The company traces back its history during the reign of Adolf Hitler, He commissioned unions to come up with an automobile company. VW is the largest brand in the entire world, And they sold  the most amount of cars.

3) BYD

A country that has shown the most amount of excitement about electric vehicles is nonother than China. It has been ramping up the production of electric vehicle manufacturing capacity. With reserves of rare earth material, china has control over a good deal of equipment that is needed for the manufacturing of electric cars. They are taking complete advantage and building up their car manufacturing unit. If china succeeded they could export their cars to foreign markets.

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