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How to lock messages on iPhone -Easy Guide

Due to the increase of technology and competition, safety and privacy have become important factors in one’s life. Some people also want to secure their messages from outsiders and prevent them from causing harm. So here, we will know how to lock your text messages and how you will keep them safe?

Would you like to learn how to lock messages on your iPhone?

Firstly we will know about the passcode method to keep your phone privacy safe from others by keeping a four-pin password. So, to open the phone then, you will need to enter the passcode so that you can use your phone. To know how to set the passcode, follow the steps given below:-

Step1:- switch on your screen. Go to the setting on your iPhone.

iphone settings option

Step2:- After opening the setting, drag the screen downwards. You will be able to find the option as face and passcode option. Click on the option.

iphone FaceID & Passcode option

Step3:- You will be redirected to a new page when you click the option. There will be an option to add a passcode to your devices. Click on it.

iphone enter your current passcode screen

Step4:- Then, an option will come to add a new passcode to your phone. Choose the four-pin passcode for your phone. Remember your passcode as it plays an essential factor in opening your phone. One should know the passcode even for the flashlight and emergency call option. It helps you to secure your privacy and security from an unknown user.

iphone change passcode option

iphone change passcode page and ask enter your new passcode

Third-party Apps Helps To Lock Messages on iPhone

There are many 3rd party apps to add private settings and security functions to your iPhone. Here are a few examples that are cover me, Sms plus, crypt. Me etc. These all cover some of the latest and unique features to lock the messages.

1) Cover Me

Cover ME App store page

Use and trusted by many of the users. Cover me App is very convenient to use and has many unique features. so that it can secure your privacy and help to deal with the problem. Of course, It is also free of cost. It works on the above IOS 7 and works with very few difficulties. It is also considered one of the best apps for locking or securing your text or messages.

2) Sms plus

SMS Plus App store page

It is also an application used for security that supports IOS. Also, provide the best and high-quality results in sending messages or mail from internet explorer. Thus, it also provides the best security and privacy for the users. An email also provides solid privacy for the messages. It also fulfills the demand of the users and gives a better result for locking your text or messages.

3) Crypt me-

Crypt ME App Screen

Many people face the problem of securing or privacy the safety of the users. So here, how can one lock messages to secure privacy? So, this application will help you encrypt the messages and make them minimal. This application is first used to generate the password for locking the messages, and it also charges a minimal amount for the users of IOS to use the app for the users. So it is required to pay 0.099 dollars for taking the app’s subscription. It also becomes challenging for the users as it takes time to generate the code and encrypt the message to lock the messages.

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