3 Steps to Log Out of Hulu on TV

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Logging out of your Hulu account is quite easy. In the Hulu app itself, you get an option for logging out of all devices including Smart TV, Laptop, and Smartphones. Here in this article, you will get easy 3 Steps to Log Out of Hulu on TV.

The first method is to open the Hulu app and log out of all devices.

To Learn Steps For How to Log out of Hulu on TV

Here are the three easy steps to do so –

1) First, log in to Hulu, and select Accounts, by clicking on the profile icon.

Step-1: After login hulu profile tap on account option screen

2) Scroll Down, and under Privacy and Settings, Select Protect Your Account.

Step2 is for under under Privacy and Settings you can select protect your account option

3) Then, you can just tap on Log out of all Computers button here.

Tap log out of all computer button screen

By doing this you will be logged out from all devices, where you are using that Hulu account.

At the same time, you will also be logged out from your Smart TV.

Many people on the internet were searching, how to log out from Vizio TV or Samsung TV, with the help of this method you will be logged out from any TV, no matter what’s your TV brand is.

FAQ on How to Log Out of Hulu TV

1. How to Switch Profiles on Hulu Using Smart TV?

If you want to switch Hulu Accounts on TV, then first log out from Hulu on TV using Hulu App. Then sign in from that account you want to use.

But, if you want to change profile, then –

  • With the help of your Remote, Navigate to the Account icon.
  • A Menu will have appeared, then select Profiles there.
  • Here, you can change and switch to Profiles.

2. Alternate Ways to Log Out of Hulu on TV

Hulu hasn’t provided an alternate method to log out to their users. However, if you delete all your data of Hulu from your device, your log-in information will also get deleted, and eventually, you will be logged out from Hulu.

This isn’t any recommended method. But if the primary method isn’t working, then you can use this method.

But every device has different settings to clear data, however, you have to go settings, then navigate to Hulu, in all app sections. There you can tap clear data. Here are the steps for an Android TV.

  • Firstly, Go to Settings 
  • Navigate to Apps by scrolling down.
  • Then, Tap on See all Apps
  • Here, find Hulu & Click on it.
  • Find the Option – Clear Data.
  • Once you find it, tap on it.

Of course, This will clear all the app’s data on your TV, and eventually, you will be logged out.

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