How To Get All Discord Party Mode Achievements?

How To Get All Discord Party Mode Achievements

Want to know how to get all discord party mode achievements? Here is how you can get new achievements in the Discord game. These achievements will help you to go to the next level. All the achievements have different power. so try to get as many as you can. Here is the full description of these achievements.

How To Get All Discord Party Mode Achievements?

On the occasion of the 7th happy birthday of the Discord game. Some new features and achievements have been added to the game. To use these achievements you have to enable discord party mode.

When you enable party mode you will see some new achievements in the game. You can use them but some of them are for specific periods. So if you are seeing these now then try to use them as soon as possible.

Here is the tutorial on how to get all Discord party mode achievements. So if you are also looking for the 7th birthday discord achievements unlock trick then you are at the right palace. Make sure to follow all the steps carefully in Discord.

Steps To Enable Party Mode In Discord

Before using these achievements you have to get these. And you can only get them after enabling the party mode. Open your game and so in the setting option. Here you will see a gear-like icon click on that.

As soon as you click on that you will see many options. If all these options, only two options are very important. One is party mode and the other is to enable combos. So make sure that you enable both features.

New Achievements On Discord

Here are the new achievements that you will see on Discord. Every achievement has its features. You cannot guess the ability with the name of the achievement.

Here are the names of the achievements with the abilities they consist of. You can choose according to your needs from here.

  • Stuck In Character Creation- This is the power of customized confetti.
  • Puebla Party- In this power you can get the 5x power multiplier.
  • Discord Notification Sound- If you get a mention then you will get this notification sound.
  • The IT Solution- By using this achievement you can disable the party mode.
  • Will you still need me- this is a combo score of 99.
  • Animation fan- you will get a combo score of 113.

These are some of the main and most commonly used achievements in the game. You can get all these just by enabling the party mode.

Best Achievements Of Discord

Here are some of the best achievements of Discord. If you see the name of these achievements then get these immediately. These will benefit you in the long term.

  • Click for your free prize
  • Gonna be the very best
  • A slide puzzle
  • Animation fan
  • Be Elite

These achievements are one of the all to have. So try to get these to get a stable position in the game.


In conclusion, here is how you can get the new achievement in the Discord game. Of course, This is the only way to get these achievements. These achievements will help you a lot. So try to get the theme as soon as possible. Some of these work in special conditions. But you will get to know about these achievements as soon as you get them.

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