How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Discord & FAQ

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Of course, Discord is a very popular chat platform, that helps you to stay connected with your members. Like any other chat platform, Discord also provides its users with a block option.

Anyone can block anybody to stop further interaction on the platform.

You might be wondering blocked by anyone, that you have messaged previously. Learn in this article about How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Discord.

To Learn How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Discord?

There are five ways to figure out if someone has blocked you or not, here are the five ways.

  • Send a Private Message
  • Use Cylde Discord’s Official Bot
  • Use Message Reaction
  • Send Friend Request
  • Simply Ask Them

#1. Send them a Private Message, If You are Blocked, You Can’t Send

So one of the very straightforward methods is to send a person a private message. If you are blocked you won’t be able to send them a message, but if you can send them a message, you aren’t blocked.

#2. Use Clyde to Know If You Are Blocked or Not

The first method and this method are the same, you have to send the person a private message.

If that person has blocked you, you’ll receive Clyde’s message that your message can’t be delivered for the following reasons.

Now, Clyde won’t say that you’ve been blocked, but tell you the reason why you can’t send them a message.

This method isn’t much trustworthy, as you might be blocked by that person or simply the user has turned off – ‘Anyone can message’

You can use this method by telling your friend to send them a message, if they could send the message, that means you’ve been blocked.

#3. React to their Message, If You Can React You Aren’t Blocked

This is the much reliable method, go-to person’s private message, and react to any previous message with emoji.

Firstly, Tap and hold the message, and then you’ll get a list of emojis to react to, select any of them.

If you can react, then you aren’t been blocked. However, if you can’t react that means you are blocked! That’s how you can tell if someone blocked you on discord.

#4. Send that Person – a Friend Request (If you can then, you aren’t blocked)

In this method to send any message or required to react to any previous message. You just have to send a friend request, if you are being blocked you can’t send a friend request to that person.

  • First of all, Open – Discord.
  • Tap on Home Menu, then click on – Friends Tab.
  • Then, Select – Add Friends.
  • Type in that person’s Discord Username.
  • Then, send them a Friend Request.

If you have successfully sent them a friend request you aren’t blocked. If you can’t that means you’re blocked.

#5. Simply Ask Them

Although you don’t need any advice, you know your friends or relationships better than us. But if you can ask, you should definitely ask them, without hesitation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Discord Without Messaging?

Just sent the person, a friend request on Discord, if you can send them a friend request you aren’t blocked. If you aren’t able to send the friend request, you are blocked by that person.

Here’s How to Send a Friend Request:-

First of all, Open Discord > Then, Go to Home Menu > Tap on Friends Tab > Tap on Add Friends > Type Person’s Discord Username > Send Friend Request

Q2. What Happens When You Block Someone on Discord?

Here are some of the things that would happen immediately after you block someone –

  • They won’t able to send you a private message
  • The person has been deleted from their friend lists
  • Of course, It won’t be possible for them to friend request you
  • Discord won’t give any notifications or alerts that you have blocked someone.
  • They can still see that you are online.

Q3. Can You Message Someone Who Blocked You On Discord?

After someone blocked you, then you won’t be able to send them a message until they unblock you.

That’s it for this article, I hope you find the answer to How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Discord…

Thanks For Reading!

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