How To Find An Old Reel On Instagram {Help Guide}

how to find an old reel on Instagram

In this article, I’ll share with you how to find an old reel on Instagram. There are times when seeing a brilliant reel on Instagram, And will just make your day. And sometimes in the distant future, you realize about that moment; And want to live it again. But the reel has been forever lost in the hundreds of videos that you have watched thereafter.

To learn how you can able to find an old reel on Instagram?

As a matter of fact, The algorithm of Instagram will always push new videos over old ones. This means there is a high probability that you would ever be able to get to watch the reel again through conventional scrolling of the screen. 

But will be some other techniques under our sleeves, Which will make you go awe when you find the reels that you have been looking for forever.

Like YouTube watch history, We don’t have anything similar to that for Instagram. But there are ways to get your Instagram history, And then find that reel that you have been looking for.

It’s a completely safe method that doesn’t violate Instagram’s policies and it does not have any negative consequences. Here you are just asking Instagram to give your data back. This means that not only you can find the real, that you are looking for. But also many other gems that you would have look and forgotten. 

A step-by-step guide that helps to find an old reel on Instagram

Step-1: First of all, You can click on your profile picture on the top-right side of your screen. And then click on the Settings button here.

Instagram settings option

Step-2: From here, You have to click on the Privacy and Security button in the right-sidebar. 

Instagram privacy and security option

Note: When you download data, You will get all your files, not just reels.

Step-3: Now you just have to scroll and look for Data Download.

Insta Data Download Option

Step 4: After clicking on the Data Download button, You will be prompted to a new screen. From here you will find an option to provide your email.

Provide email address from this instagram form

Note: This is essential to the process because email is the place where Instagram would provide your data. The email address does not have to be the same as the one that you used for creating your account, It can be any email, just make sure it is valid. 

Step-5: After you have provided the email address, click on the Next button. Now you will be prompted to a new page where it will ask for your account password. And without providing the same, you won’t be able to request data access. 

Step-6: After you click on the request download button, Instagram would receive your request, and then their servers would look for the archives of your data, and it will compile the same into a zip format file. As this is a dynamic request, the process could take some time, generally about 10 minutes. 

Instagram request download page screen - How to find old reels on instagram

Step-7: I’m sure that you will receive an official email from Instagram after a few minutes. With am message suggesting that you have requested the data. Just click on the Download Information button. 

Instagram official email ans download information button- To find an old reels on instagram

Step-8: Again, You will be redirected to the Instagram website, And would be asked to enter your login credential. Thereafter, you will have the button for download visible in your account.

Your instagram information page

Step-9: Once you have downloaded the file, Now click on the extract button to segregate all the files. 

Note: You can use any free app for unzipping, If you are Mac or Windows 10 the same feature is in built.

Step-10: From here look for the Content folder, And inside the same, you would find a file called reels.html, this is the one that we are up to. 

Instagram content folder to find an old feel

Step-11: Double-click on the file to open in your local browser, And now you can look at your reels’ history. 

Find Instagram reels history in reels.html

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