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Image Says - How to Add Text to Reels

To add text to reels, you simply have to make an Instagram reel, you can tap on Preview, and then find out the upper right corner, you’ll see an Aa icon, once you find out you can tap on it and add text to your reel.

However, they are more cool features waiting for you.

You can make your Instagram Reel more creative, by adding disappearing text, multiple texts, bold text, highlighted text, and so on.

In this article, we will tell you how to add text to reels, and make your reels more creative with the many text effects, Instagram has.

To Learn Add and Edit Text on Instagram Reels

Add Text to Reels – 

  • First of all, you can open the Instagram app, and then just Tap on the ‘+’ icon here (or just swipe left)
  • Swipe and go to Reels Section.
  • Here, Add Your Video.
  • After that click on Preview.
  • Now, on the Upper Right Corner, you can tap on the ‘Aa’ icon and then add text.

That’s how you can add text, but you can also enhance your reel by adding text effects.

Here are some of the best text effects Instagram have.

Text Effects to Add in Instagram Reels

After you have written text on your reels, you can add it in multiple ways, and make your reel look more attractive.

Basic Instagram Text Editing

After you have done writing your text, tap on it, and on the top of the screen, you will see the following features and their uses.

  • Alignment Tool – You can align your written text to Left, Right, Center, and Justified.
  • Color Changing Tool – You can change and add colours to your text using this.
  • Highlighting Tool – Highlight your text using this, and by tapping on the color-changing tool, you can change the color of the highlight.
  • Animation Tool – This will help you to animate your text, it’s cool to use it.
  • Move and Resize Text – By long pressing the text, and moving your finger you can actually move text. To resize it, hold the text with both fingers, and pinch in and out.

So, these are some of the basic tools Instagram Offers to change and add Text to Reels.

Instagram Text Fonts

Instagram also has fonts, you can use them to enhance your reels. Add the Following are some of the basic fonts Instagram has –

  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Neon
  • Typewriter
  • Strong
  • Comic Sans
  • italicized Serif
  • And two other styles

You can use the following fonts to create a reel, if you want multiple texts, just click on the ‘Aa’ icon again and add another text to your reel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Make Text Disappear on Reels?

You might see this while scrolling through reels, that suddenly that text disappeared. However, in Instagram you can only animate the text, so how they are disappearing text.

You can also disappear text by adding two-three videos or images and editing all of them separately, adding separate text, while transitioning the text will automatically disappear.

If this isn’t working you can choose any third-party app to edit your reel and later post it on Instagram.

Third-Party App to Edit Reels on Instagram

  1. InShot Play Store | App Store
  2. VitaPlay Store | App Store
  3. VN Video EditorPlay Store | App Store

2. Do you know how to Add Multiple Text to Instagram Reels?

Firstly, you can select your appropriate Video for Reel and then tap on Preview. And then to add multiple texts to your Reel, you have to tap on the ‘Aa’ icon here.

You can add text, every time by tapping on the ‘Aa’ icon, you can also change the fonts, the colour of the multiple texts you add.

3. How to Edit Instagram Reel Text?

Add text to your Instagram Reel, then you can change its font, colour, size, highlight, align it and even animate the text. To do so, just tap on the text you have added and on the top, you’ll see 5 editing icons to edit text, and on the bottom side, you’ll see fonts, you can use to edit Instagram Reel.

However, you can also choose any third-party app to edit Instagram Reel Text, many Instagrammers use VN Video Editor to edit their reels.

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