How To Do Blast Voicemail {Help Guide}

How To Do Blast Voicemail {Help Guide}

Want to know how you can able to do blast voicemail? Here is how you can send the voicemail in bulk. This voicemail helps you save time and it also helps in a business promotion more things can be done with the help of this feature.

All You Need To Know About How To Blast Voicemail

There are many occasions in a business where you have to send a voice message to clients but no one wants to record the same voicemail message again and again. This is very tiring and we have a solution for that. Many of you have heard about voicemail broadcasting then you must have heard about the voicemail blast. As a matter of fact, Voicemail blast allows you to send the same voice message to many clients together so this way you will be able to save time and the quality of your voice message will remain the same.

Here is the tutorial for how to blast voicemail if you are new to this then you will need help. Try to follow all steps carefully.

Benefits Of Voicemail Blast

Voicemail service impacts the business it. Here is how you can benefit from the voicemail blast. All these benefits can help you increase your business. Also if you do not own a business then you will save time with this method.

1) If you have a list of contacts, you can use the prerecorded voicemails to contact everyone on your list.

2) If you own a business then you can notify the customers of upcoming payments and all with the help of these voicemails. Most of the time banks and insurance companies use this feature to remind the next monthly payments to their customers.

3) If you want to send an emergency message then this is the best thing for you and It’s quick and safe.

4) You will remain connected with your customers with the help of these messages.

You can leave a message on several people’s voicemail boxes. These are the new trends since these are used by both businessmen and the common people.

Steps To Send Voicemail Blast

Here are the steps that you can follow to send voicemails to the bulk of people. This is very simple and even if you are a beginner you can do this on your own.

1) You have to subscribe to any voicemail broadcast service in your area. you can easily find any nearby broadcasting service.

2) The next thing that you need to do is upload the contacts. Make sure that you upload your whole contact list here. So that no one can leave.

3) Now record the desired message. You can also use text messages and voice messages.

4) Now you can send the message to all the uploaded contacts. However, if you want you can still select several contacts to send the voice message.

5) You can send the voicemail immediately or you can schedule to send the mail later. Both options are available in every broadcasting service.

6) Now after sending all the emails all you have to do is wait for the responses from the clients. Sometimes it takes time to get the responses. But since you are sending the message in bulk then there are chances that you will see some response.

This is how you can send a voice message in bulk there are many other different ways to do this but this is the simplest way that you can choose. You do not have to worry about anything in this. To subscribe, you simply need to choose a plan that meets your needs. For that, you have to set your budget. Mostly these plans come under the budget.

Some Other Benefits Of Voicemail Blasts

Voicemail blasts are not only used for promotion and the remainder. They can be used in many other different emails. Like you can pre-record an answer to a call and play that on the monitor call. Now whoever will call you will receive the same machine message. Even if you are busy and cannot pick up the call. You can play a pre-recorded message saying that you will call back soon or something else. Voicemail broadcasting is a very big area that can be used for many more things. Of course, you can use this platform to increase your business and all.


In conclusion, here is how you can send a voicemail blast and save time. This is a very easy process and it is very important. If you are working in the business field then you must know this thing. It will help you a lot. Same as the voicemail you can also send messages in bulk and pictures to bulk contacts.

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