Can you Leave a Voicemail if your Number is Blocked?

Feature Image- Can you Leave a Voicemail if your Number is Blocked

When someone blocks your phone number, several factors are taken into consideration. So can you leave a voicemail if your number is blocked by someone? Let’s talk about it!

With the importance of security and privacy, there are a number of features available. These features like the block list, do not disturb, voicemails etc are very handy.

Many times people block each other to end everything. Teenagers and millennials are the ones who use the block list option the most. They have conflicts and issues with each other all the time. They find it irritating to receive calls or messages from certain people. Thus they end up blocking them to avoid any kind of conversation.

Even with adults, there are a number of scamsters these days. They try to call you and get your credit card details to steal money. So to save yourself from such scams, people often block numbers.

What can you do in such cases if someone blocked you? Are you able to leave them a voicemail? Here’s everything you will need to know!

Can you send voicemails when a person blocks your number?

When someone blocks your number, you will not be able to call them. You will directly get a busy tone, unavailable message or you will reach Voicemail.

So the answer is yes, you can able to leave voicemails without getting any trouble even the specified person blocks your number. The voicemail will go to the spam folder for the other person. If he or she would want to listen to what you want to say, they can. They always have the option to delete the voicemail or listen to it.

Can you send text messages when a person blocks your number?

Yes, you can send text messages or SMS when a person blocks your number. The SMS displays as anonymous or spam messages for the person. He or she can read it anytime. And if it is appealing enough, they can even unblock your number.

Texts again will not display in the main text box. The other person has to take an extra step to check the spam or block list folder.

Is the block list available on smartphones and also on landlines?

Yes, the block list feature is available on both smartphones as well the landline. Though both have different settings, they do the same job.

Even your caller ID has the feature of blocking calls and messages. So in case you change your smartphone or landline, your caller ID will take care of blocking calls for you. Just make sure that you are blocking numbers with the help of your caller ID. It will save you time, every time you get a new smartphone or landline.

Do you have the option to remove someone from your block list?

Many times people who are not so tech-savvy often end up in chaos. Honestly, tech is not so easy to use these days. We get daily updates which makes it better but complex. So what to do if someone accidentally puts someone on Blocklist?

Do not take any stress, it is not a big deal. If you are not so tech-savvy, it is fine to ask for help. You can ask your neighbours, children or friends to help you out. You just need to find the right settings and it is often easier than you think. So do not shy out to reach for help!

The best way to avoid getting blocked by someone is by clearing out the misunderstandings. If you are a teenager or millennial, you can clear your doubts. Find similarities between you and the other person and accept the difference. If someone is calling you from an unauthorized number, know the purpose. Try not to provide personal or card details.


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