How to delete a message in GroupMe {Help Guide}

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Microsoft’s GroupMe messages application will now have the ability to remove sent messages which have been way past due. The function is now available for Android devices, ios in beta, and UWP (Windows 10), with an expected final release in the following weeks. (Windows 10 Insiders may already have the beta version Keep reading this article; you will find easy steps on how to delete a message in GroupMe.

Although this is a great component, not all messaging apps are made equal (Telegram, for example, still lacks a ‘like’ feature for messages). However, Microsoft appears to be reconciling its passion for GroupMe. According to a recent study, programmers want to add searchable online forums, Google reader connections, and possibly phone and video chats.

To Learn How To Remove Messages for Groupme?

Removing messages is essential for introducing general forums to GroupMe since content mitigation will be far more important than the indirect inbox. In the United States, GroupMe is broadly utilized on university campuses, while many people actively use it for activities and outreach programs. Apart from this, did you know how to stop getting emails from Reddit? Click here to learn more.

Ahead is the procedure of how to delete a message in the GroupMe chat.

Individuals should be asked for individual or group chats, so there is no option to check for individuals based on their interests or area, which may lead to frustration.

Note that you delete GroupMe messages within 60 min of sending. If you want to delete a message after 1 or 2 hours of sending, this feature will not work. It only shows you the option of deleting for yourself. And the message will be erased for you only and still can be appeared in other chats’ history.

Steps to delete a message in GroupMe

  • Firstly, Choose the conversation from which you need to delete the text.

Choose the conversation

  • Secondly, Select the text you want to remove and either tap and hold the message you want to delete or select the three lines in front of it.

delete a message in GroupMe

  • Thirdly, select Delete, then Delete once again. No one will be able to read that message that has been deleted, and a note will appear in the conversation.

Select delete a message in GroupMe

Want To Hide a GroupMe message?

  • Choose the conversation you want to update.
  • Tap and hold or right-click the text you want to hide to reveal it.
  • Hide or Hide Messages are the options.
  • To reveal hidden messages, type:
  • Choose a chat or a personal image (profile picture).
  • Choose Options from the drop-down menu.
  • Most importantly, select the Setting tab at the top of the screen on the iPods.
  • And select unhide hidden message.

So these are the easiest steps to hide and delete a message in GroupMe sent by mistake.


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