How To View Someone’s Old Facebook Posts? {2 Working Methods}

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Would you want an old Facebook post free of going through anyone’s page perpetuity? Fortunately, you can retrieve past items rapidly and effortlessly by utilizing Facebook’s search tool, which allows you to narrow your inquiry to certain timeframes. Continue reading to discover the quickest approach to locating old Facebook postings! This article will allow you to view someone’s old Facebook posts.

Some ways of finding old posts on Facebook

You could choose to explore persons, posts, photographs, and other things to the right of the upper filter section of the application or website. Use a specific highlighted word from the post you want to search (such as “cute puppy”), and the related post will appear.

Some remarks: Because the findings aren’t shown in numerical order, you may need to browse to discover the link you’re searching for. And a query with short sentences (only concepts) will certainly lead to better outcomes than one with a more precise, broader search. You can able to view someone’s old Facebook posts by following these two methods.

Two methods explain the difference between the procedure of viewing your old post and someone other more easily.

 Method-1: To Check Someone’s Old Facebook Posts

  • Firstly, Sign in to your Facebook account from a web or mobile App.
  • Secondly, Go to the search bar that will present a blue line on the top of the page.

Search Facebook Bar

  • Thirdly, As described earlier, you have to type a precise keyword that will make it short for you to search for a specific thing.

Facebook search results

  • Type any username or pastor, or thing you want to search.
  • A list will come out of the results, click the most relevant one.
  • Below the Search result, there is an option for all on the main page. Click this option to easily view someone’s old Facebook posts.

Facebook Posts

  • It will display all the posts with no privacy and posts from your friends that match your search query.
  • There is a box of DATE POSTED on the left sidebar of the page. Pick a date you want to search from the box to see a list of old Facebook posts.

facebook search post filter

Method 1 is the simplest way to view someone’s old Facebook posts. Apart from this, wanted to learn how to see what someone like on Facebook. Click here and learn.


  • Firstly, Log in to your Facebook account from a web or mobile App.
  • Then, You can go to your appropriate profile page, by clicking your profile picture.
  • At the right corner from the bottom, click on the activity log on your Facebook timeline.
  • Then, This icon will appear just under your profile picture.
  • A search item appears in your activity log.
  • That is distinct from the standard Facebook search option.
  • Then, Type anything you remember from your post.
  • Make a short and complete keyword to easily view someone’s old Facebook posts.
  • Your post will show its date and all content.

And that’s just the gist of the steps you need to take in order to view someone’s old Facebook posts. There are a lot of reasons this can be done, and people do it all the time. So, now you know how simple and easy it is.

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