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How to Control up to Four Computers with Single Mouse & Keyboard (Windows)

How to Control up to Four Computers with Single Mouse & Keyboard

Truong Do is an AX Developer in Microsoft, and in 2011 he launched his software for Borderless Mouse. Truong built it for Microsoft Garage Projects; Garage projects side projects. This was a side project that Microsoft built for fun, of course when I say Microsoft built it; it means Microsoft employees like Truong, build for fun. He believes that this software can bring Miracles in Technology.

In 10 Years, this software had made its space in the heart of Video editors, PC Gamers, and YouTube Live streamers. This helped them to make their working environment seamless.

Steps for Installation of Software for single mouse and keyboard

If you are looking for the software and how to install it and run it on your PC, this Errorexpress article covers all.

Before you start installing, let the thing clear, it only works on Windows servers or computers. Here are its System Requirements.

System Requirement

1) Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1

2) This will work in Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, and 2016.

3) Windows Server 2008 of (32/64 Bit). .Net 4.0 and up.

What Microsoft says for their software

If you have a Fleet of Computers, this software will make you the captain of your computer fleet…   

Steps for Installation of Software for single mouse and keyboard

It’s very easy to install this software, you have to install it on all computers, in which you want to see the borderless mouse.

1) First of all, you can go to the Microsoft Download center, and there on the landing page, you’ll see the download option.

2) When you click over Download, where your file is downloading

3) It’s a 1.40 MB file, so it wouldn’t take your time.

4) After Downloading, learn After installation opens up the file, click Next, and then Accept the agreement. After this click Install.

5) After this, let’s go to setup.

Setup for being captain of your Computer Fleet

download page for microsoft garage mouse without borders

After Installation here’s the setup part, make sure your PC is connected to the same Wi-Fi or LAN.

1) Once you click on Finish after Installation, the setup screen will automatically be started.

2) And then you have skipped that part, by tapping Skip than

3) And then copy the hidden text by clicking on Show Text and then enter the name of your second PC.

Driver Device Name - Windows Device

4) If you don’t know the name of your PC. Press the Windows icon then type View your PC name, you can find it out there.

Mouse without borders settings

5) Enter the Name and then click.

6) Go to your Second PC, paste the security code you’ve copied, and then enter the name of your first PC.

7) And by clicking on Apply, now you’re both the devices are connected.

How to use the feature to control computers from a single mouse

After you have successfully done the installation how can you use it,

1) You can copy text and drag it to the other computer and paste it there.

2) When you put the mouse on the edge of the screen, your mouse will automatically go on the second computer. This way you can handle multiple tasks like downloading editing and live streaming from a single mouse.

3) You can go to the Advance option and you can change settings according to you.


Employees like Truong build this amazing project, which no one was thinking of. His product is truly a miracle for those, who know how to use this for efficiency.

That’s How you can Control up to Four Computers with Single Mouse & Keyboard

If you liked the article and found something new here. Be sure, to give the Feedback in the comments, and also if you’ve any doubts you can ask there!

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