Fix the Explorer.exe Class Not Registered Problem In 3 Steps

Fix the Explorer.exe Class Not Registered Problem In 3 Steps

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Explore.exe can affect almost every software. There are many possible reasons why it’s showing error.

It’s maybe because of a corrupt file or folder, or it’s because the shared DLL file got an error.

But you don’t need to go to an electronic shop, for that minor error. Simply follow the steps to resolve the issue.

As there are multiple reasons why this happening, there are multiple answers also on how to resolve it.

In this Errorexpress article, we had covered many of them by simply putting them in three easy steps!

Explorer.exe class not registered error solutions

How you can fix the Explorer.exe When Class Not Registered Error Occurred in windows?

1) Restart Your Computer by Using Components Service

Run the command for dcomcnfg

Often-times by modifying certain settings in the Component service resolved the user’s issue with Explorere.exe.

Step-1: To run a component service program in windows you need to press Window Key + R and then a box will appear similar to an image below and then type ‘dcomcnfg’ and then press OK to run a program.

Navigate Component Services – My Computer – DCOM config

Step-2: By clicking ok, the component service window will open. And then simply navigate by following: Component Services – My Computer – DCOM config. And then you will get some warning messages, if that happens, then simply click yes.

Step-3: Now by closing Component Service restart your Computer. After doing this successfully, the error message you receive should have been stopped.

2) You should Disable iCloud

Many users report that they have resolved this issue by disabling iCloud. For disabling iCloud follow these steps:

Open the task manager windows screen

Step-1: Start Task Manager, you need to press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to start task manager.

Step-2: Go to Startup and look for iCloud.

Disable the Icloud

Step-3: In order to find the iCloud, you can right-click on your mouse, and then you can click on the Disable option here.

3) If this couldn’t fix explorer.exe class not registered error then you should check your Hard drive

Many times, the problem isn’t in the software, it could be in your Hardware. Microsoft account users have reported that, by changing their Hard drive, they have solved this issue.

It could be because of a faulty Hard Drive, but this seen to be of rare case.

 4) Change your default Photo Viewer to Windows Photo Viewer

If your class not registered error only happens while viewing your images, you can simply follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

Step-1: Find any photo on your computer and right-click on it.

Step-2: From the menu above there you have to click on Open With and then click on Choose another app.

Step-3: On there you should choose Windows photo viewer also you can choose any other free software for viewing images. For this, you’ve to simply download the free software and repeat the process.

5) You should try Resetting Default Apps

If you are facing this problem only while opening JPG. File, we recommend you Reset your Default Apps. You can do this by following the instruction:

Step-1: Open Settings by clicking on a start button.

Step-2: Then go to Apps, and there select Default App.

Reset the default windows applications

Step-3: Scroll down until you see Reset Button, it is below Reset to the Microsoft Recommendation. And, then simply reset.

I know often default apps aren’t good as other not-so-default apps. But default apps help to computer to run smoothly, as they are optimized as per the requirement of the system.

So, this will help you to solve to problem, one is explorer.exe and the other one is- if your computer is being slow or hang too often this can help you resolve it.

6) You should Re-register your system file- ExploreFrame.dll file

If there is a problem with your DLL. File, you should follow the instruction given below to fix it:

Run the command prompt window

Step-1: You need to find Command Prompt for this, it should be on your start menu. But if not press windows and write Command Prompt and then open it.

Step-2: Copy the following: regsvr32 ExplorerFrame.dll

Execute the regsvr32 ExplorerFrame.dll command

Step-3: And then when the command prompt will appear, paste the code and enter.


It’s frustrating to see such errors when you work on a computer. But you can see by little bit knowledge about tech can resolve these problems.

By following the above steps correctly, you can fix Explore.exe not registered error.

On the other hand, If you have found this article helpful, share it with your colleagues and friend.

Still, have a question or doubt? Comment down!

TIPS & TRICKSPro Tip Light Bulb

1) Use Microsoft Edge as a Default Browser, Many Users had solved this issue by doing this.

2) Try to see that, Internet explorer ETW collector service running or not. You can do this by clicking windows + R – type ‘services.msc’ – find Internet explorer ETW collector service & by right clicking chose start – Start task manger go to details – find Explorer.exe right click on it &end task – go to file and run new task – type ‘explorer’ and click OK.

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