How to fix windows-10 taskbar not hiding issue

Stuck with Windows-10 Taskbar Not Hiding? Here’s the solution

Are you wanting to hide the taskbar in Windows 10 operating systems? At the same time don’t know how to make or else the problem of hiding the taskbar?  You can don’t worry about that, we provide here some quick and easy fixes for you.

Why do we need to hide the taskbar?

Hiding your taskbar provides you with a more efficient way of using your desktop space especially when you have a small computer screen. You could now enjoy full screen while playing games, streaming online movies, video calls, and so on.

Stuck with hiding issues & and how to hide the Windows-10 Taskbar?

Let’s begin with the easiest step first:

Follow the below steps to achieve automatically hiding the taskbar in windows-10:-

1) First of all, you can right-click on the taskbar at the bottom of your PC/Laptop screen (On any blank space).

right click on the windows-10 taskbar

2) After that menu box will appear on your taskbar screen.

3) Then you can click on ‘Taskbar settings’.

Click on the taskbar settings option

4) Afterwards, you can Turn on the toggle named  ‘Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode’

Likewise, you can enable the next toggle option on this screen named  ‘Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode’.

Turn on toggle Turn on automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode and tablet mode

That’s it. Your taskbar is now hidden.

When the taskbar refuses to hide:

Many times the taskbar pops up with a new notification. The simplest way to resolve it is to attend to the notification and your taskbar would disappear again. The second way around is disabling notifications from all apps.

1) Firstly, you can Go to the windows screen and find the  ‘settings’ option here. (For the windows search box just type the ‘settings’ and then you can get that option).

2) After that you can click on the ‘system’ option in the windows settings screen.

click on system option in windows 10

3) Next, under the System option you can click for the ‘notifications and actions’ option.

click on notifications and actions option

4) For this notification screen you can turn off the toggle named ‘Get notifications from apps and other senders’. 

Turn off ‘Get notifications from apps and other senders’

Your taskbar won’t flash any notifications further.

What if the taskbar is still not hidden?

1) The first step is you must Restart the windows file explorer by simply pressing in your keyboard for Ctrl+Shift+Esc. A dialog box would appear.

Windows Explorer in windows 10

2) Then you can click on the ‘more details’ option located at bottom of the task manager popup.

More details option in windows explorer

3) Next, In the Processes Tab, find the ‘Windows Explorer’ option and right-click on your mouse button.

Right click on the windows explorer

4) Then you can click on the “Restart” button here.

Restart the file explorer

After restarting the windows file explorer, you will find the taskbar hidden unless you don’t point on the taskbar while clicking. Finally, you can enjoy your extra space with your taskbar hidden, no notifications popping up and distracting you. Sit back and utilize the fullest of your computer screen.

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