How To Change Servers On Mangabuddy?

How To Change Servers On Mangabuddy

There are a lot of manga readers all over the world and mangabuddy completes the thirst of every person. But the common problem with many people is a change in the server. So here is the guide about how to change servers on MangaBuddy. This guide will help you to change the server.

So that you can continue reading your favorite manga without any interruption. The reason to change the server can be many. But the process will be the same. So this guide will take you through that process. Make sure that you follow these steps as it is to change the server.

What Is MangaBuddy?

Before going into any process one have to understand the basic about the mangabuddy. It is a very popular website. It is used to read anime mangas. A kind of comic e-book. There you can search many different genres and the most popular one is also uploaded here.

So it is a very popular website among anime lovers. And they like to read them. It is more convenient to read than buying a whole comic book.

A Common Reason To Change The Server Of MangaBuddy

If a server has this particular problem then one should consider changing the server. If you are experiencing these problems you should consider changing the server. 

  1. When the server is slow then you should change the server. Because continuous slow services indicate problems in the server.
  2. Experiencing any glitches while reading.
  3. If you are looking to access these manga in some particular region then you have to change the server in that particular area.
  4. If you want to enhance the reading experience then changing the server will be the best idea.

Steps For How To Change Servers On MangaBuddy

Here are the steps that you have to follow to change the server. Make sure to navigate through these steps only. 

  1. First, you have to visit the website of the mangabuddy. Log in with the right credentials on the manga website. Website URL-
  2. Now search for the manga that you want to read. For this, you have to type the name of the manga in the upper given search box.
  3. See near the manga cover image. You will see an option saying ‘server”.
  4. This will be a drop-down menu. So as soon as you will click on this a long list of servers will appear. And from this, you have to select the one that you are looking for. 
  5. Now click on the manga a start reading. If the problem was in the server then it will be resolved as soon as you change the server. If it persists it means the problem lies somewhere else.


In some instances, You may encounter issues even after changing servers. If this happens, consider clearing your browser cache or restarting the MangaBuddy app. Additionally, reaching out to MangaBuddy’s customer support can assist in resolving any persistent problems.


In conclusion, Here is how to change servers on MangaBuddy. The process of changing the server is easy. Because in different countries the server problem can arise and it disturbs the reading a lot. Not loading the rest of the manga is the most common problem that the manga lover will face.

The server-changing option is available very easily on this website. Also, This website is very easy to use and navigation on this website is very easy. This guide will help you to change the server in no time.

So if you are having any problem related to the server then you can do this.

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