How To Change Reference Code On Shein {A guide}

How To Change Reference Code On Shein {A guide}

Shein is among the big shopping websites. And this website gives special offers to the users if they share the app with another person. They have criteria in which special discounts apply to the user’s purchases if they share the app with other known persons. This all happens via reference code. The other person will enter the reference code when installing the app. So here is the guide for how to change the reference code on Shein account. You can change this code.

There are certain criteria that you have to fulfill to get this code. And you can change this anytime. Because it allows you to customize it. So here is more on this topic. 

Tips For How To Get Shein Reference Code

Here are the criteria that you have to complete only then you can get your reference code from Shein. And make sure that you complete this as soon as possible. To get the best possible discounts on your future purchases.

  • Become a Shein member by purchasing something from Shein.
  • During the sale, Shein organizes many events. You can follow these events to get referral codes.
  • There are various shein affiliate programs these programs are for influencers. Here you can get a free referral code and free clothes from the suppliers. You should have a minimum of 500 followers on your social media for this. 

How To Change the Reference Code Of Shein?

Here are the steps that you will follow to change your shein referral code. Make sure that you follow these as it is to change the code. As it is the only way to do this. So do not try any alternate ways.

  1. First of all, You can log in to your Shein account by using the right credentials.
  2. Once you open your Shein account, click on the profile icon that appears on the top right-hand side of the screen. And then you will see several options. Here all you need to do is click on the “My Profile” option.
  3. Thereafter, the clickable link will go to my profile section. Here you will see the list of options on the left-hand side screen. So here scroll down and find the “Other services” option. Just tap on this Other Services drop-down menu. Thereafter it expands and you will see the 5 to 6 options.
  4. Here you can click the “My Reference” option.
  5. Once you do this, you can able to see the my reference page.
  6. From this page appears my reference code updated text box. So enter your preferred reference code in this textbox once and then click the “Update” button.

Thats it! I hope you can able to update the reference code for your Shein account by using the above below. In case you’re getting any trouble or the steps are not working let me know in the comment section. I will update you regarding this!

So this is the easiest and the only way to update your reference code. You can change your code to anything here.

Things To Keep In Mind While Changing the Reference Code On Shein

There are a few things that you should consider while changing the reference code on Shein.

  1. If you will personalise the code then you will not be able to do this again. Hence you can change this only once.
  2. The new code will apply to the new users only. If you have already shared the old one then the other person has to use the old code only. 
  3. After referring you will receive bonus points. And you cannot withdraw these points as money. You can only use these in your next purchase.

In conclusion, here is how to change the reference code on Shein. It is a very easy process and all the steps involved in this process are mentioned here. 

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