The Ultimate Guide to How To Delete A Shein Account?

The Ultimate Guide to How To Delete A Shein Account

How To Successfully Remove For Your Shein Account? 

There is not as such delete button to delete your data from Shein. For that, you have to send an email to their email address. The email address is In this email, you can request deletion of your data or close your account.

Wait, it’s not over yet. There are some things you have to keep in mind while sending the email. The email that you will use for the request must be the same as you used for the signup with Shein.

And one more thing you should consider is that you should keep “Delete my shein account” as the subject of the sent email.

That’s what you can do from your side to delete your data from Shein. It will be on their side to do something about it.

After sending the email, you will have a confirmation prompt for deleting your Shein account. After that, you can proceed to the deletion on the Shein account and the data with it.

Where can you contact if it doesn’t delete the Shein account? 

If sending an email didn’t help you or you have any issue regarding it, you can seek help from customer care service. For that, you need to go on Shein’s customer service page and chat with the customer care by Shein.

You can explain your issue to them, and they will tell you the problem and how you can resolve them. You can ask for a closure form for the Shein account and submit it right within the chatbox. After that, your account is deleted from Shein.

Does Shein delete your data after deleting the account? 

 Shein will delete your data if you ask for such a thing in the email, along with account deletion. The data from shein will be deleted, but the retailers to whom Shein has distributed the data, such as mail address, payment methods, etc., before deletion can use the data anytime.


That’s how you delete you can delete your Shein account. It’s better to delete your Shein account if you are concerned about your data. But deleting your Shein data won’t ensure that all the retailers who got your data will delete it. That’s it. Thank you.


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