How To Become A Shein Tester {Help Guide}

How To Become A Shein Tester {Help Guide}

As a matter of fact, Shein is one of the most affordable clothing brands these days. You do not have to pay thousands of dollars for the fresh runway pieces. Shein makes fashion a little affordable. There are other ways too that you can get clothes from Shein at a cheap price pf for free. This is by becoming a shein tester. Here is the guide on how to become a sheen tester. Shein takes clothes ideas from big fashion brands and then tries to make the exact dupe in a very affordable range.

If you become a shein tester then you have to give reviews about the design the size and the colour. And for this, Shein will send you a lot of clothes for free. If you are a content creator then this one is for you. Because by using their clothes you can make variety in your videos. Here is more on this topic.

Jobs as a shein tester

If you become a shein tester then you have certain things to do. You have to fulfill these otherwise shein will not work with you. Here are the jobs of a shein tester.

  • Make a review video of the desired length
  • Upload review picture
  • Tell about the quality, size, color, and more of the product

So you have to describe the whole product. They might give you a target. You have to make a 15-sec review video and all. It depends from person to person. So all these are the duties of the Shein tester.

How and where to apply to become a shein tester?

Before anything you have to remember that shein tester is not a full-time job. There are very few chances that you will get selected for a product tester. You have to click on the product that you are willing to test. And from the dropdown menu on the top right corner, you have to select the option for a free trial. Just by clicking on that, and filling in your address details your application will submit.

Now you have to wait if the product reaches you it means you are selected. And if not then you’re not the one. Also, you can apply only three times a week. If you will apply more than this then your application will automatically be rejected. So choose only three products for trial only.

Does shein testers earn?

Shein just gives their products to the testers. And in return they give reviews. However, you do not have to return the product after reviewing it. So you can keep that product. So shein account testers do not get any money from the product reviews. But they send some points to the account of the tester. These shein points can be used in shopping as well.

Shein is a shopping app so you can use those points as money in the future. The number of points that you will receive depends on the length and the number of videos that you have uploaded. They have a limited number of seats for the tester for a product. So they select limited people for that only.

The difficulty level in becoming a shein tester

It is not easy to become a shein tester. Because daily, Shein receives thousands of requests. And for one product this many requests are huge. Because the seller can give out a limited number of products only. So it is a matter of luck if you are selected as a shein tester.

The process is long for a tester and you have to wait. And the basic thing is that they do not notify you if you are chosen or not. So waiting is the only for the appliers. But the chances to become a shein tester are very slim.

Things required to become a shein tester

There are no such specific requirements to become a shein tester. Here are a few things that you should have as s shein tester. You need to have an active shein account, a valid email address, a valid delivery address, a good quality camera, and an internet connection.

This is pretty much everything required for this process. You have to check if Shein is available in your country or not. Because it is a Chinese brand and many countries have banned this app. So if this app is not working in your country then you can not apply for becoming a shein tester.

Where to submit the product reviews as a shein tester?

You have to submit the desired content within 10 days of receiving your parcel. If the seller wants something special in the video then they will email you about that. Otherwise, you have to make the video and click pictures of the outfit. And send an email to the seller with all the pros and cons of the material, product, size, quality, and more.

The review should be detailed. It should not be fake. All you have to write what you have felt after wearing that product. If you feel a little uncomfortable then you have to mention that as well.

Time to receive the Shein tester parcel

The time of receiving the parcel depends on your location. If your country is located far from China then it will take a long time. The remote areas will receive the parcel a little late too. The average time to receive the parcels is one month. If you have not received it by then then you can ask them about the expected time.


In conclusion, here is about how to become a Shein free trial partner. Shein tester is not a permanent job. It is temporary work that you have to do in return for the products. You will not get paid for your work but you can keep the product that you have reviewed.

Also, there is no specific requirement for becoming a Shein tester. It is a completely random process and the chances of getting the product are very low. So all you can do is apply for becoming a shein tester from time to time.

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