How To Wire Multiple Lights To One Switch?

How To Wire Multiple Lights To One Switch

Good lighting can increase the beauty of any place. Whether it is your workplace, your home, or any decorative lights in your bedrooms. These lights can increase the beauty of any place without putting much effort. You can make the place look more professional just by placing the right lights in that room. So here is the most common question related to the lights that are how to wire multiple lights to one switch? This guide will help you to know the solution to this problem effectively.

The switch is essential for placing any lights. Because these switches help in drawing the electricity to these lights. So one has to make sure that the placement is in such a way that the lights can reach the switch. But it is not possible in every case of the wiring. Here is more on this topic.

The Material Requires Wiring Multiple Lights To One Switch

Here is the list of those items that will be required in this process. Make sure that you arrange them in advance. These will help you to avoid any last-minute hassle of the materials.

  1. Electrical wire (Preferably 14-gauge for lighting circuits)
  2. Wire nuts
  3. Switch box
  4. Light fixtures
  5. Switch plate cover
  6. Screwdriver
  7. Wire stripper
  8. Voltage tester

These materials are easily available at any store near you. So if you lack any of the items then you can grab the items from the nearest store or any online store.

Steps For How To Wire Multiple Lights To One Switch

Follow these steps to complete this process. These steps should be followed in the same way. Any change might result in defective lights or the lights will not receive the popper current.

  1. The first step is to turn off the power supply. Whenever you deal with any electric stuff you should ensure that you cut the main supply.
  2. If you want to connect the multiple lights in a series sequence then you have to attach the terminals of the opposite lights. Do this till the last terminal of the first or the last light connects with the power-providing switch.
  3. To attach the light in a parallel sequence, you have to attach the same terminal of the light. And the last end to the switch.
  4. If you want a secure and durable connection then you should consider parallel connection.
  5. If one light is damaged in the series sequence then the other lights located past those lights will not work.
  6. Remember that the red wires are of the positive terminal and the black wire is of the negative terminal. So you have to ensure that you are connecting with the right terminals.
  7. Secure the joints with the help of ducktape. Otherwise, the open joints can become the reason for unnecessary shock.

Other Things To Do After Making A Secure Connection

Here are some other important stuff that you should follow after you decide to make the connection. These are the end thighs. So you can escape as well but to ensure a good connection you should follow these.


Safety standards dictate that all electrical circuits must be grounded. To ground the circuit, connect the ground wire (usually bare copper or green) from the power source to the switch’s grounding terminal. Additionally, connect the ground wire to each light fixture, creating a continuous grounding pathway.

Installing the Fixtures

With the wiring complete, install the light fixtures in their designated locations. Secure each fixture according to the manufacturer’s instructions, ensuring that they are stable and properly aligned. Once the fixtures are in place, install the light bulbs and secure the switch plate cover.

Testing The Circuit

Before restoring power, conduct a thorough check of your wiring. Ensure that all connections are secure and that there are no exposed wires in the whole circuit connection. Once satisfied with the setup, turn the power back on and test the circuit by flipping the switch. If all lights illuminate as expected, congratulations, you have successfully wired multiple lights to one switch.

Maximum Number Of Lights Handled By The Switch

The maximum number of lights that a switch can have depends on the power of the switch. Like if the switch is 16W or more. The more will be the lights the more power will be drawn through the switch. Hence the switch quality matters a lot in these cases. So one has to ensure that they are using good quality switches for this purpose.


In conclusion, Here is step by step guide for how to wire multiple lights to one switch. The process is easy all you have to figure out the type of circuit you have to follow. And by using the right wiring technique you will be able to create a circuit in no time. All the above-mentioned are the ways that are very effective for the wiring of lights in one switch.

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