How To Cancel An Offer On Mercari- {Help Guide}

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Placing an offer on Mercari is very easy but in order to retract your order, you will need to contact the seller directly. ask the seller to cancel the transaction, ask them to cancel the order from their side. you can contact them on their customer care site.

All You Need To Know About Cancel an Offer On Mercari

Mercari is a buying and selling platform. Here you can find some really good items at a cheap price and you can save some money. On this platform, you will bargain with the Mercari seller with the item price and put an offer on that. The seller has the right to cancel an offer and if the seller accepts the offer then within a few days you will receive your product. On the Mercari app, you can pay via credit card or cash on delivery.

However, if you have placed offers on Mercari by mistake then retracting that offer is not an easy task. I will tell you how to cancel the Mercari offer.

Two Steps to cancel an offer on Mercari

If you have changed your mind then you can try the following methods to cancel an order.


Firstly, You can contact the seller and ask the seller to decline the offer from his side. Tell him to find other potential buyers and give him some genuine reason.


If the seller has already accepted your offer and the item still has not shipped yet. you can ask the seller to cancel the transaction of your purchased item. When the seller cancels the transaction your money will be credited to your bank accounts automatically.

Before asking sellers, always read the item’s description because some sellers mentioned that the item will not cancel once you get it. In that case, the options that you have are reselling, donating, or keeping that item. You can resell that item on Mercari. But sales tax will be included in that. So you can find it a little difficult to sell the same item at a higher price.

To Learn How to contact the seller on Mercari?

Now you know the offer canceling process on Mercari. But how can you contact your seller?


First of all, you can go on the product listing in-app. Choose the product at which you have made an offer.


In the top right corner, you will see the seller’s information. Click on that.


in the seller information section, you will see the ‘contact seller section. When you enter that section you will be able to send a message to the item seller. Here you can ask them to cancel your order or if you have any queries related to the item. You can ask them.

Sellers regularly check their message box so the chances are that you may get an answer within 5 to 6 hours.

To Learn How to contact sellers with no contact info?

If your seller has not mentioned any contact details on the app then you will have to go to customer service. You can dial (888)325-2168 on your mobile phone. Mercari customer care service 24 hours is available. You can ask them for seller information. All the info regarding customer help is available on the help site. You can also email them. Another option is to contact them via the Mercari website.

Making an offer on Mercari is an easy task. You just need to login into the app and search for your desired products. Click on that catalog and click on the ‘make an offer option. Now you will need to write the price that you desire to pay for that catalog. To get the product make sure you didn’t bite a very low amount. Check the seller’s price first and then accordingly put your offer. It will take around 2 to 3 days for the seller to confirm your order. Once your order has been confirmed they will ask for the payment. You can via many sources like PayPal, cash, credit card, etc.

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