How To Cancel AMC Plus {Help Guide}

How to cancel AMC Plus {Help Guide}

AMC is one of the most popular on-demand video streaming service providers, and its AMC plus subscription service is one of the most diversified services. The reason is you can subscribe to this service across different channels/mediums, from Google Play Store to App Store, Amazon, Roku, and AMC website. Let’s learn about the AMC Plus subscription service and how to cancel AMC PLUS.

What is AMC Plus?

As a matter of fact, AMC Plus is the subscription service of AMC networks offering content from popular and premium streaming companies. You will get premium content from IFC, Sundance TV, AMC, and BBC America. From popular TV shows to movies and news to originals, you will get top-notch free content in their subscription at reasonable pricing. And as mentioned, it is one of the diversified services you can avail it through all major platforms.

How to subscribe to AMC Plus?

To subscribe to AMC Plus, follow this simple guide. So, you can subscribe to AMC Plus through different platforms, including Amazon Prime, Google Play, and the Roku Channel. Sign In to any of the above-mentioned platforms and subscribe from AMC Plus, and you will be able to get all the premium content of AMC plus on that platform. To get AMC plus without any third-party platform, follow the below steps.

> First of all, Open the official website of AMC Plus( or download their official app.

> You can create your AMC account or log in if you already have an AMC account.

> Then, Choose the subscription plan(monthly or annually)

> Once you choose the plan, your Free trial will start, and your subscription will be activated after the trial.

How to cancel AMC Plus?

Now, if you want to cancel your AMC Plus subscription for any reason, you can do it anytime. To cancel the subscription, follow the simple steps below, but before that, remember that you can cancel the subscription from different channels. Yes, you can cancel the subscription from Amazon, Roku, Apple Store, etc. So here we will tell you to cancel your AMC Plus subscription directly from the official site or app.

> First, Open and log in to your account on the AMC Plus website.

> Then, Go to Accounts and tap Subscriptions.

> Then, Tap on the Cancel option.


So all your problems and doubts related to your AMC Plus subscription will be cleared after going through this blog. Here we have discussed the easiest and the most genuine ways to subscribe/unsubscribe to AMC Plus subscription. These ways are 100% effective, and as you will be using the official website and app, all your data and information will be safe.

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