How to change the thumbnail on a Tiktok?

How to change the thumbnail on a Tiktok

If you talk about one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, the first name that comes to everyone’s mind is Tiktok. It is the platform behind the popularity of short videos. And when it comes to short video streaming platforms, nothing can beat Tiktok. Now, like you need thumbnails for Youtube videos, you also need highly engaging Thumbnails for Tiktok videos. So if you don’t know how to change the thumbnail on a TikTok, you will find this blog helpful. Here we will discuss some of the easiest ways to change the Tiktok video thumbnail.

Method-1: How to change the thumbnail on a TikTok


First of all, Open Tiktok and Signup/Sign in with your Tiktok account.


Once you SignIn/SignUp, you will see the + icon at the bottom center of the home screen.


Once you tap + icon, you will have two options: record a video through the inbuilt camera application or upload the video from your internal storage. So either press the red record button or tap on the Upload option.


Once you record or upload the video, you will get the most interesting section of the application. Here you will get tons of editing options, effects, music, and whatnot. Choose anything you want to add to your video. So here you have to just tap Next or red checkmark.


Once you finish the editing part, you have to tap Next or Red checkmark. Once you do this, a new section will be opened.


The new section opened is called the Post section, where you will get a lot of options to add information about the video like title, description, link, privacy, tags, etc. Here in this section, you will see the Cover option below the preview image. The preview image and Cover option are located at the top right of the Post section. Just Tap on Cover to change the thumbnail of the Tiktok video.


Don’t confuse it with the cover option because Cover here means Thumbnail. Once you Tap on Cover, a new page will be opened where you will get tons of options to select and edit the cover.


So basically, you will get two options: Take a frame or image from within the video and select a new text area box. You will get tons of options to add custom text. You will get various text styles and color options to make the cover more engaging and appealing. So, either choose the frame from the video or simply drag the text box and enter the text.


Once done with your Tiktok Video Cover, tap on Save at the top of the screen and then Tap Post at the bottom.

Can We Add a Custom Image/Frame As a Tiktok Cover?

Though Tiktok allows you to change the thumbnail of the Tiktok video, unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you to add a custom frame or any other image as a Tiktok Cover or Thumbnail. It means you have to select the cover from the video you have recorded or uploaded. However, you can simply add a text area to the cover and add custom text in different styles.

You can drag the box anywhere on the cover to make it more creative as per your desire. You can also add the image to the clip before uploading it on Tiktok. And once uploaded, you can choose that image from the video scrub and make it a Tiktok Cover.


In Tiktok, you will not find any Thumbnail options; instead, you will find coverage options. Follow this simple guide, and you will be able to change the cover/thumbnail of your Tiktok video easily. The method mentioned above is genuine, easy, and, most importantly, quick.

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