How Long Can Navy Seals Hold Their Breath?

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Navy seal officers can hold their breath for up to 3 minutes underwater. The highest breath-holding record is for 24 minutes. The navy seal has to go through intense training periods and up to 80% of people leave the training in between.

Here is all the information you need to know about navy seals

As a matter of fact, The navy seals dive into the deep waters so far. It is a US army brigadier that protects the underwater country borders. To get into the navy seal, one should have mentally and physically prepared. That’s why the navy seal training is very tough and even the entrance requires very dedication. because they need to stay underwater for a long time. Have you ever wondered how long can navy seals hold their breath? Let’s try to find this answer along with all other necessary information.

Responsibilities of a navy seal

Roles and responsibilities for navy seals team

The duties of the navy seals depend upon the work and time. However, they should master the fields:

  • Know how to hold their breath underwater
  • Know how to get the hostage or any other member out of danger.
  • A navy seal should be a swimmer or diver
  • Know how to swim in high surf conditions
  • Able to complete underwater missions.
  • Should have the ability to collect all the necessary information on a drill mission.

All the basic requirements of the on-land army are necessary for the navy seals. The extra that adds here is the swimming and breath-holding practice underwater.

Navy seal requirements

Following are some basic requirements of the navy seal post. Check these before applying.

  • US citizenship
  • Age under 28
  • The hair length should be ⅛
  • Have a vision of a minimum of 24/40.

All these along with a background clearance test will be required. So prepare yourself if you are eligible for this.

Navy Seal breath-holding drills {How Long can navy seals hold their breath?}

Navy seal hold their breath

So the question is with all those practices how long do navy seals hold their breath. The answer is for about 2 to 3 minutes and with intense practice, it can go up to 4 minutes. Holding drills are typically to train them for surf conditions at night. So navy seals hold their breath for a maximum of 4 minutes underwater. However, they can stay under for up to 24 minutes with the help of oxygen. They are trained this way to stay underwater for a long time. The more they practice the more they learn how to expand their lungs.

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Navy Seal salary

According to the work, the salary of the navy seals also varies. The salary depends upon the bonus and the type of missions they complete. On average the yearly salary of a navy seal is $60000. However, it also depends upon the rank and type of work you do. Yearly bonus and festive bonus also add into the salary so we can say that the salary fluctuates a little.

Along with the salary, the navy seal also receives many other benefits like health insurance, home, education fund, travelling, tax-free, yearly vacations, and many more. The government provides all the facilities.

The period for a navy seal officer

Navy Seal is a 20-year full-time job. However, you can maximize your job for 10 more years. It will depend upon you. If you want you can stay but if you do not want then you can just leave after 20 years. Even after retirement, you will receive at least 25-30% of the retirement benefits. Which is enough for sitting at home.

The after salary also depends upon your rank in the navy. The more missions you complete successfully the more will be your rank. So try not to avoid the work they give you because it will add to your progress. With every completed task you will go up by one step.

Navy Seals Traning diving into the underwater

Navy Seals training

You can’t hurt me is a navy seal and best-selling novel in the new york times. The author of the book describes the life of a navy seal and you will get to learn a lot from that. Because in that book he mentioned every detail of the training and then working period. So if you want to join the navy seal then you should read that book at least once.

The navy seal training does not demand you to get in shape the main motto is to make you learn all the surviving techniques underwater. You are already a diver and to build the breath-holding technique they make you train hard.

The world record for holding the breath underwater is 24 minutes. However, reaching this point requires very intense training and practice.


In conclusion, navy seals are perfect divers because they need to fight underwater. They are well trained for every adverse condition that can happen underwater. The breath-holding is a must for the training that they do. Because if you want to remain underwater for some time then your lungs should have some expansion power which can only build with practice.

Becoming a navy seal officer is not easy. 80% of the people leave the navy seal during the training period. Because they could not handle all the intense training.

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