How To Hold A Champagne Glass {3 Ways}

Feature Image- How To Hold A Champagne Glass {3 Ways)

Holding a champagne glass awkwardly felt very embarrassing. so here are some popular methods to hold a champagne glass. these methods will help you select the right glass and method according to your comfort level.

Champagne Glass Etiquette {How To Hold A Champagne Glass}

Party celebrating with Champagne Glass

Have you ever wondered about the proper etiquette of holding a wine glass? The way that you hold the glass says a lot about your manners. However, there is no fixed way to keep your champagne and sparkling wine. But still, there is a certain way to hold the champagne glass. So today I will tell you how to hold a champagne glass.


The first method is holding the wine through the stem. A stem is the bottom part of the champagne glass. To begin with, you can pinch the stem of the wine glass. Take a stem and pinch it between your thumb and forefinger. This is the most common and simplest method to hold a flute glass, and it is the most effective one as well.

Some people hold the steam with all their fingers and thumb. But to look more elegant, hold the glass between your thumb and finger. Also, remember one that places your hand a little above the base. Holding the champagne glasses by the stem is a very elegant way to hold any glass.


Another very popular method is holding the glass from the rim. The rim is present in the champagne coupes. You can use all your fingers to get a more secure grip on the glass. This method is not suitable for champagne flutes and tulips. To hold the rim you will need to have a glass with a wider bowl top.

You need to hold it more tightly with the help of a ring finger. You can also use the whole hand. This method looks very classy but there is a very high chance of spilling the drink. So do not hold up the glass until you feel a strong grip on the glass. You can even dance with your wine glass if you choose this method.

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The next most popular method of holding a champagne glass is holding the glass from the bottom. You need to have a tulip glass for this. The foot of the wine glass is meant to act as a foundation. You can hold it from this place. This method is secure among all hence you will not have to worry about spilling your drink. Do not try to hold the champagne coupe glass from this method. Coupe glasses are meant to be held from the top of the glass.

Things to keep in mind…

Other than these methods there are some other things that you should consider even before the holding method. Some of these are:

  • Choosing the right glass. Choose glass according to your comfort level. If you feel comfortable with the wide bowl then choose the coupes and if not then you can go with the flute glass.
  • Make sure to drink before holding the glass up for cheers.
  • Do not place the fingers awkwardly on the glass so check your finger’s position. You should also check in between the conversion to avoid any embarrassing moments.

If you will keep all these things in mind then there will be very fewer chances left for the mistakes.


In conclusion, it is embarrassing in public if you do not follow the proper etiquette of the place. The champagne culture has its etiquette including holding a glass. So here are the most common 3 methods that people use to hold the champagne glass. These methods will keep you looking like a pro in drinking and it will also reflect your manners. Follow the right way with the right glass. Hence it becomes very important to select the right glass. You can also select the right one according to your practice and comfort level.

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