From Bed to Hitch: A Transformative Journey

    From Bed to Hitch: A Transformative Journey

    Every truck owner values the versatility of their vehicle. It’s a workhorse during the week. Of course, It’s a family car on the weekends, and a utility vehicle when the need comes on yourself. However, one of the frequent challenges faced by truck owners is the trade-off between maintaining a usable truck bed and the ability to tow a heavy trailer. Enter the revolution in towing technology – The Gooseneck Hitch.

    The Magic of Transformation

    In the world of towing, the gooseneck hitch has made quite a splash. Imagine the convenience of having a flat, usable truck bed in one minute. In addition, Imagine together a fully functional gooseneck hitch the next. Sounds like something out of a fantasy novel, doesn’t it?

    This is precisely what the b&w turnover ball offers. A simple pull and twist, and voila! You transition from moving day to towing a trailer in an instant.

    Unmasking the Secret

    The magic of this hitch lies in its thoughtful design. At its core is a solid, machined 2-5/16” ball that’s secured by a 5/8” steel locking pin passing through the center. When hauling duties are over, the ball can be quickly removed, flipped over, and stowed back into the receiver.

    Thus giving you back your flatbed surface. This simple, easy-to-use setup with its design and ingenious capabilities has made it the best-selling gooseneck hitch in the United States.

    Installation: A Walk in the Park

    One of the biggest hurdles with conventional hitches is their installation process. Often, It requires removing your bed or drilling through your frame – tasks that are time-consuming and potentially harmful to your vehicle.

    The B&W turnover ball defies this norm. All you need is a 4-inch hole under the bed, and it bolts to existing holes in your frame – no drilling or welding required!

    Dressed to Impress: The Robust Built

    Towing heavy loads demands a hitch that can stand up to the challenge. With its durable powder-coat finish and UV-resistant paint, this hitch promises lasting performance. It adheres to all OEM fastening requirements and proudly flaunts its SAE J-2638 certification, a testament to its strength and durability.

    The Compatibility Factor

    What sets this hitch apart is its exceptional compatibility. It’s designed to work well with suspension lifts, although it’s not suited for body lifts. But that’s not all! It can be easily transformed into a 5th wheel style hitch with the B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch.

    Adding Value: More than Just a Hitch

    This gooseneck hitch brings more to the table than just towing capacity. It embodies versatility, durability, and ease of use – qualities that bring immense value:

    1. Solid 2-5/16” Ball
    2. Seamless transformation
    3. Durable Powder-Coat Finish
    4. Hassle-free Installation
    5. High Compatibility

    These features don’t just make it an excellent hitch; They make it one of the most adaptable tools on the market.

    American Made: A Mark of Quality

    The B&W turnover ball is more than a product; It’s an embodiment of American craftsmanship. Made in the U.S.A., it stands as a symbol of quality and reliability.

    Further, it comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, further solidifying its place as a trusted choice among truck owners.

    The Last Stop: Summing it Up

    In today’s fast-paced world, where versatility and convenience are prized, the B&W turnover ball is a true game-changer. Its popularity among truck owners across America is a testimony to its novel design and performance.

    Whether you need to tow a heavy trailer or simply need your truck bed back after hauling duties, this hitch has you covered. Remember, with this remarkable product, you no longer have to choose between a hitch and a bed – you can have both!

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