How To Get a Towed Car Back Without Paying California?

How To Get a Towed Car Back Without Paying California

Getting a towed vehicle without paying the towing fees is not impossible. Here are the tips that can help you save your money on the towing fees. Some of these are asked for help in church, non-profit organization assistants and-free legal assistance. read to find more.

Tricks to get a towed car back without paying California

Towed Car

Many people in California use a car without a driving license. Which is considered illegal. Because the illegal people driving cars are careless which results in more accidents. Those who have a license come under any accident case. They pay more price than those who do not have any license. In case of breaking driving rules, your car will get towed and impounded by the traffic police. Then you will have to pay for the tow. Only then will you get your car back.

Time limit to pay the towing fees

Usually, they expect you to pay the fees within 24 hours. After that extra charges will be included in your tow fee. Because a tow yard is like a business card and they need more space for the new vehicles. So we can say that a tow yard is a private property. If you will not pay the tow fee within 30 days then your vehicle will automatically be adopted by the towing companies.

Some charity programs help people to get their towed cars back and some others are also available. So here you will get to know how to get a towed car back without paying California.

Know the cause

There are many reasons for towing a car. For example, the following are some reasons for car towing:

  • Criminal activity involvement.
  • Illegally parked.
  • Unpaid car insurance and parking tickets.

As long as it does not involve any criminal case the non-profit organizations will help you to get your car back. In case of criminal charges, you have to pay the towing fees and also submit one written letter about the criminal involvement. No one wants to get involved in the criminal cases so it is not possible to get your back in the criminal case.

Read the towing law carefully

Towing Laws

Car towing has become a business in some states. So there may be chances that they have falsely towed your car. So always check the state towing policy and then review it with your towing cause. If the tow yard owner is found guilty then you can get a towed car back without paying. You can go to the police department and register a complaint against false towing. They will help you get back to your car within 12 hours. So always be aware of these policies. Every state has different towing laws hence it becomes important to know about these.

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Seek help from the church

Depending upon the reason for food towing, your reputation, and car condition the church helps people to get their towed cars back without paying a single penny. The church runs a charity program aimed at helping towees get back their cars after they have been towed. Hence you call always ask for their help. However, if the towing vehicle is a truck then your fee will be more than the usual fee.

The tow truck needs more to get back hence sometimes when the church could not arrange that much money from charity. They give the money from the church fund. But you have to repay that money by doing work at the church. You will not have to work all the time, just a few hours in a day or weekend.

Payday loan

You can take a payday loan on your credit card to pay for the towing fee. Because with each day the fee increases and it becomes impossible to pay that fee after some time. So it is better to get the vehicle back within a few hours. Because tow yards earn money by towing and storage of cars and other big vehicles. But you have to repay this loan after getting your paycheck. This method is good if you want to get your towed car back immediately.

You can get a payday loan on the minimum credit card limit too. Also, it is a very easy process and it does not require much paperwork.

Free legal assistance

Legal Assistance

This system is designed for some financially unstable people that can not afford the towing fees. So you can always apply for free legal assistance. Your legal assistant has to prove that your vehicle has been towed for the wrong charges. If he will be able to prove this then you will not have to pay anything for your vehicle towing. But if you are found guilty then you have to pay the fees with all the extra charges.

This process may require a little time so do not go for this method until you are very sure that you are innocent. Mostly parking lot cases come under this. So choose wisely. Because once you lose you have to pay the extra amount hence it will be like the double pressure on your pocket.

Borrow money

If you are guilty of the towing process then you should immediately arrange the money. Because there will be no point in waiting for a miracle. If you can not afford that much money then you can borrow from some friend or family member. This will be better to take out a loan. Because you can repay them wherever you will have the money. Unlike the loan where you have to pay the amount within a given time limit. So always keep this option.

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Non-profit organization

If your vehicle has been towed for the license plate for illegal parking during the office work hour. Then you can seek help from nonprofit organizations. However, this facility is not available in every state. You have to check if your location comes under this facility or not. If not then you can take a loan from the company. The money will automatically deduct from your next paycheck. So there are both paying and non-paying options available depending on your location.

Vehicle impound reasons

Does your vehicle impound a lot? Here are the reasons why your vehicle impounds. Check this and review which one is the reason for your vehicle’s impounding.

  • In case of a suspended driving license the driver. It is important who is driving the car.
  • You will be able to have your vehicle impounded if you are driving your vehicle without a valid driving license or without renewing your driving license.
  • Revoked license.

If your friend is driving your car and he does not have the license or any of the above conditions apply to him then your car will impound. Hence you have to pay the money to get your car back. So always give your car to some trusted person only. Because at the end of the day you are the owner of that car. And if any mishap happens from that car then you will be guilty of that, not the driver.

Towing car fees in California

Towing and storage fees are quite expensive. The regular towing fee is about $200 and the additional storage fee is $60 per day. However, if the towing vehicle is big as a truck then the fees will almost double the regular towing fee. The storage will remain the same though. So if you are able to get your towed car back without paying any money in California then this will be a big relief for you. Due to the increasing number of accident cases in California, the government is strictly against these rules. These rules help to reduce crime by up to 60 per cent.


In conclusion, getting a towed car vehicle without paying anything in California is not impossible. You are being towed for the wrong reason, it is very easy to get free. But if you have towed for a genuine reason then you can seek help from non-profit organizations. Because the towing fees are very much for regular people hence they help the people in need. it is not a bad thing to ask for help from your family and friends in need. so you can ask them to lend them some money for the towing fees.

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