Find out How to Hack 99999 Diamonds in Free-Fire for Free

Find out How to Hack 99999 Diamonds in Free-Fire for Free

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In Free-Fire, everything you want to purchase, you’ve to purchase it from two virtual elements- Coins and Diamonds. Even though coins are also considered as in-game currency, but you can enjoy this game when you’ve diamonds with you.

Even, there are pretty good methods to get free fire unlimited diamonds for free, we already wrote a related article for this link.

But in this article, we’ll take that 1 Step Further and look for the easier way to get free 99999 diamonds in the Free Fire.

How to Get free fire 99999 diamonds for free?

#1. Booyah App- The Free Fire Diamond Hack

Screenshot of BOOYAH App Play Store

The App itself is created by Garena, and it’s available on Play Store, Link: Booyah.

This app shows some live streams, short video clips about free-fire, giveaways, and many other things. And by watching the videos and Live Stream, you’ll get free rewards such as coins, skin or diamonds.

It’s completely free to download, go get your Free Diamonds!

#2. Amazon UPI- Get Cash back on Diamonds in Free Fire

Amazon UPI Redeem Code

Amazon has launch edits UPI Service in India. For grabbing the internet banking service market, Amazon initially was offering cashback on payment with UPI.

In 2021, they’re offering 100% Cashback on up to 50₹ on Google Play Recharge Code.

Even if you do not have your own bank account, you can ask for help to connect to the Amazon UPI through people you know. And with that you can buy Redeem code, get the cash back.

Tip: To get more diamonds, redeem only with Airdrop offers, as at that time, the diamonds are the cheapest.

#3. Get Free Redeem Code with Google One

Google One is a cloud storage app, that offers Cloud Storage Starting from 150₹/Month. Along with that, they offer numerous benefits also, that includes Redeem Code.

You can buy the membership, but to get this Redeem Code for free, look for those who already had it, but never redeemed anything.

You can ask them, to let you use their redeem code, if the problem is that you don’t have a bank account that’s why you’re searching for some free methods. Then, you’ve got the solution, you’ve got the free diamonds!

Not only Google One, but there is way more app that offers Redeem Code on taking membership or installing it, look for them.


Hacking is always a risky task, as your Pro-ID can get banned or some files have virus, it’s enough to hack your PC.

So, far better to use a legit way, it’s not only benefits end-user but also creates a better gaming environment.

As we all know that Garena Free-Fire has two virtual currencies- Coins and Diamonds, but  the end by selling you the In-game currency, there are having In-world Currency…

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