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How to Delete or Deactivate Your OfferUp Account in 2021

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OfferUp is a platform, where one can sell or buy used products or items. Many of us joined this platform because of this. but when you don’t find any sales or don’t like anything to buy; You probably want to deactivate or delete your OfferUp account.

Let me tell you the difference between deactivating your account and deleting your account.

Deactivating means your account wouldn’t be visible to other OfferUp users. This will definitely prevent your offer account from being hacked. Also, your account wouldn’t be involved in any of the in-app activities. But the downside is disabling your account doesn’t mean your data is deleted from their server. In fact, according to their policy, they can even sell your data to third parties.

So, you should probably Delete your OfferUp account. Now here’s a twist you cannot delete your account through the app. Also, deleting an account means you cannot reactivate it. We will tell you how can you delete your account.

Deactivate Your Account in OfferUp.com

To deactivate your OfferUp account first login to your account then follow these steps:)

1) So after logged in to your OfferUp account go to https://help.offerup.com/hc/en-us/articles/360032335451-Deactivate-an-account.

2) Then select the reason why you’re leaving…

3) Lastly, tap on Deactivate My Account

4) Tap on Yes, I’m sure, that’s it!

That was a simple procedure, right?

You can also re-activate your account by going to that same link. Now check from your friend’s OfferUp your account won’t be there.

Delete Your OfferUp Account

Deactivating your account doesn’t mean your data is extracted from the servers of OfferUp.com. In fact, they can even sell your data to a third party.

So that if you want to delete your data from their appropriate servers, then you must need to completely delete your OfferUp account. But if you’ve searched for this option on the OfferUp website, you won’t get it because it isn’t.

Yes, you heard it right, oops you read it right!

A similar kind of incident happens to the author of this post: Medium.com

She is a California resident when she found there is no way to delete her data from the server, she chose to take help California’s privacy laws regarding deletion of account and data. Thankfully this thing worked and he got her data deleted, you can read the blog for more details.

Now, if your state or nation also carries these laws you can email them regarding this issue. You can also email OfferUp (support@offerup) they don’t publicize this email address. You can tell them that you can tell legal action according to the law.

We hope you can also delete or deactivate your OfferUp account using this method. If you’ve any other method tell us in the comments below 🙂

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