How to Change Your Region on TikTok in 2021

How to Change Your Region on TikTok in 2021?

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TikTok App It was started in China and is now an essential application used all over the world. But the algorithms of this app are designed like you can see recommended videos of your region only.
However, you can change your region on TikTok to see global content. But this isn’t as simple as saying, you cannot set your region in TikTok by yourself. Instead, TikTok algorithms find in which region you’re living.

Tik Tok Application

Change Your Region/Location on TikTok in 2021

So, first TikTok will show you videos of the language you understand, of course you know that?
So, whichever country’s content you want to see, you’ve to select that language.

Step-1: Change Language in TikTok

So you can do the below steps that can definitely help to change your native language in TikTok App.
1) First of all, you can launch your appropriate TikTok App, and then go to the  ‘Me’ Section here.

Click the three dot icon on top right corner
2) You can try to find the option’s symbol that belongs to the upper right corner.

Option Symbol
3) Then you can click on the ‘Display Settings’ option.

4) Next, you can change your language!.

Now, you’ve changed your language in the app. But if you’re still watching content from your region, my friend you’re doing it all wrong.
That’s the way the algorithm will find you understand this language, that’s why you’re watching it. So, you’ve to change the creators you follow.

Step 2: Follow Creators of Different Regions

TikTok will recommend videos of the region you follow the most. So, you’ve to follow the creators of that region.
Let’s say you’re living in the US and you want Germany’s creators in your feed you can follow:
@williwhey, etc.

So, TikTok more often recommends content from Germany.

Do you know, why many authorities are trying to Ban TikTok? In the US, the government was planning to ban TikTok, and also many companies like Microsoft were trying to buy TikTok.
Because TikTok doesn’t access your location from the Internet or network they locate you with your Sim Card location. This means by using VPN also you cannot change your device location. In Privacy terms, that’s unethical to collect that much data.
However, VPNs like Nord VPN claims that there are workable in this app.
You can do this:

Step-3: Eject Your Sim Card

So, you can use any VPN, once the SIM is ejected. You can eject your SIM, and then change your location with a VPN.
However, you have to insert it then TikTok can find your location. Or you can buy a sim card from a different region.
But if you follow the steps mention here then there isn’t any need for changing your sim card.

Final Words

TikTok is now a global app, almost have creators from all countries except Antarctica. So, there are many talented creators out there. But if you don’t like it or it isn’t useful to see the content of your region.
Then, it’s better to change the region using the following steps. Comment down your favorite creator and from which country they are.

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