How to get popular creator tag on TikTok

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TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps. The rise of this application has made a lot of people famous. And if you are also one of those aspiration people, Who want to get famous on TikTok. Then you need external help and validation from the platform. So that more and more people can follow you and increase your following. A popular creator badge can help get in the TikTok feed without many efforts. And it also makes it way easier to reach a mass audience as TikTok personally recommends you. In this article, I’ll teach you how to get a popular creator tag on TikTok.

Every profession and brand building needs consistency. If you are are looking for a shortcut you won’t find any. Because there are many thousands, Who are willing to work more than you. If you are truly motivated about TikTok then only you can get this popular creator tag on TikTok.

I know you probably have some idea about badges, But In case you don’t, I’ll give you a quick overview. The most recognized badge on TikTok is the Verified badge. We are going to talk about this in later sections. Then there are some fewer known badges, But popular among creators. It is called Popular Creator Tag, What it does, Is give you a validation that your account is growing rapidly. And this indicates the audience, To follow you for engaging and entertaining content. Before sometimes the verified badge was known as a crown. So you’ll still find some people referring it that way.

How To Get Popular Tag On TikTok?

1) Make Super High-Quality Video

I know it sounds obvious at first glance. But this is also the main reason why so many creators fall short on becoming a TikTok star. I’m not asking you to go buy a good camera. What I’m asking is to use the one you already have in a good way. Just don’t start making a video, Plan you video, On which settings are going to record the video, Which software you’ll use to edit videos. Learn How to shoot video on Phone/Portrait Mode. Improve editing style and make sure you audio is super clear. Because it’s the most important part.

2) Don’t Miss TikTok Trends

There are popular creators, Who create a trend. And a small creator who uses them to get exposure. It is a golden opportunity to keep making a video on Hot topics. Because they are most likely to get recommended to the end-user. If you are lucky and got viral then you can get massive popularity on TikTok. And once you have passed the minimum threshold for new creators, You can become a popular creator maybe just in a day. We have seen a lot of creators get popular and reach massive following within a few days, It’s possible and can be done.

3) Make Your Video Entertaining

TikTok is synonymous with entertainment. Even if your TikTok page is not about comedy, You should add a bit of entertainment on your page. Because most of the app are used by teenagers. And they like entertaining content. If you are a health expert, Try to make a video of you doing some extraordinary exercises. Or if you are Diet Expert, Put information in many ways. Maybe using B-rolls video of before and after transformation. Become creative and do your things. Just make sure it’s entertaining.

4) Collaborate With Other Creators

I know this may sound quite a wild dream. But you don’t have to collaborate with the top creators. You can start by collaborating with your friends. Then gradually increase it to the most popular TikTok user in your town. An slowly build a network of TikTok users. I know a lot of popular TikTok starts, who got famous because of other creators. You should definitely try this and should not miss it.

5) Increase Engagement On Your TikTok

The Biggest reason for the success of TikTok users is engagement. And it’s almost impossible to get the popular creator tag without ticking this off your checklist. Engagement refers to the interaction your followers are doing with your videos. For example, How many likes you are getting in accordance to your video views. If you get 1000 views and only 10 likes then TikTok will think that you are the bad creator and not worth promoting. So you need to make sure that not only you are getting enough exposure through views, But also getting enough engagement through likes and shares.

6) Consistency

Consistency will make or break your goal of getting a popular creator tag on TikTok. The platform has a policy of not recommending TikTok pages that are not actively posting content. If you really want to stand out from the crowd. Then you need to post at least one video a day, If you can Two will be even great. If you keep posting new content TikTok will know that you are an active person and will promote you, It is the collective action of the TikTok algorithm and personal recommendation that you’ll get the popular creator tag.

Before I end this article, I’ll briefly let you know about Verified Badge as I told you earlier in the article.

Verified Badge vs Popular Creator Tag

Verified Badge can be earned even if you have 10 followers, Yes, The verified badge is for popular people like Actor, Actress, Organization. On the other hand, Popular Creator Tag is for TikTok creators, You can only get this when you account is seeing extraordinary growth. You need to have at least 100k followers in order to get the Popular Creator Badge. If you are account is truly good then you can get the tag even before 100k followers.

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