Canadian Non-Resident Insurance Card {Help Guide}

Canadian Non-Resident Insurance Card {Help Guide}

A Canadian ID is a must-have if you are planning on visiting Canada anytime soon. In order to obtain this ID, your insurance company will need to issue one to you. if you will travel without this to Canada then you have to give a huge amount of fine. know more about this ID below.

Everything about Canadian non-resident insurance card

Canadian ID Card

Have you ever travelled to Canada by car or by any other mode of transport? It is mandatory that you have a Canadian ID, also known as a non-resident inter-province motor vehicle liability insurance card if you intend to travel to Canada.

This Canadian non-resident insurance card ensures that you have fulfilled all the necessary details required to enter Canada. Let’s know about this insurance card in detail.

Why Canadian non-resident inter-card is necessary?

This card is necessary for all the travellers who are residents United states. This is a must-have document to travel to Canada. It is necessary. Because in case of a car accident the officials will reach out to you easily. If you are not carrying this with you then you have to give a huge amount of fine.

Along with this vehicle liability insurance card, you need to have the car ownership documents. A copy of car insurance will require too. Remember your car insurance should not expire.

Where to get the Canadian non-resident insurance card?

You can contact your insurance agent regarding this. You should convey to them the fact that you plan to travel to Canada and that you require a non-resident inter-province motor vehicle liability insurance card.

Your insurance company will issue this card. Make sure you do not take it from a random insurance agent.

It will be beneficial if you will take it from your car insurance company.

The insurance company will check your background like they will clear all police verification, resident verification, etc before issuing this card. So keep your documents ready to get this Canadian ID. You need to have your recent covid report. It is like a necessary document these days.

What will happen if you will travel to Canada without a Canadian ID?

If you are travelling to Canada without a Canadian non-resident insurance card then be ready for the pullovers. If the police discover that you do not have a motor vehicle liability insurance card then they will cease your vehicle. Your car will be towed if any accident will report from that. You will have to pay a fine of about $200.

And you will have to arrange all the legal documents that justify that this car is owned by you. Only then you will get your towed car back. Hence this inter-province motor vehicle insurance card is a must-have if you are travelling to Canada. This is as important as your passport. Make sure you keep this in your important documents while travelling.


In conclusion, the USA issues yellow cards to the drivers. This card is like your driving license in the USA. A yellow card is valid in most countries. But countries like Canada don’t allow yellow cards. Although it will be good if you carry this along with you in Canada. But you have to issue a Canadian non-resident insurance card.

A lot of scams are going on in the name of Canadian ID. So make sure you take this ID only from your trusted insurance agent.

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