Oscar Insurance Commercial

Oscar health insurance is a new startup. this was launched in 2012. This provides a 24-hour medical service to their customers with full medical expense coverage. Over the past few years, it has gained enormous popularity all over the world.

Oscar Health Insurance Commercial

Oscar is a new health insurance setup. This was launched in 2012 hence it is very new in the market. They provide proper 24-hour medical services to their customers. Hence you can ask for a doctor’s consultant at any time and for this, you will not have to leave your home.

The buying process for Oscar health insurance is very simple. You can go to their site directly or you can contact them in person. Both ways are very easy. The Oscar insurance commercial is very informative. You will learn about this company just by looking at its commercials. Let’s have a closer look at this in a bit more in-depth.

Working of oscar

If you have purchased oscar health insurance then they will give you a login id and password. With this, you can log in to the oscar app. If you have any symptoms then you can write your symptoms on the app.

The oscar health app will suggest to you all the possible doctors according to your symptoms. For example, if you have any eye-related problems then Oscar will show you the list of all possible ophthalmologists.

After this, you have to choose one doctor of your choice. Now Oscar will show you all the information about the doctor. That information will include the timings of the doctor, the number of patients with the same symptoms that the doctor has, price, and all. This app also works as a fitness tracker. It tracks your walk, calories and all. Hence it is like a one-on-one package for all your health needs.

Oscar health insurance coverage

Oscar health insurance covers your medical expenses. If you have approached a doctor via its app then it provides the full coverage of the visit. Oscar offers an annual health plan that you can buy using the app. Of course, The plan can be changed according to your needs. But the yearly plan is the most common and very budget-friendly plan.

However, there are select hospitals where you can visit with the oscar health insurance. Oscar has done a partnership with a limited number of hospital groups. If you go to any of these hospitals then your hospital bill will reduce to almost half. So if you have purchased the oscar insurance commercial then check their hospital lists. Try to visit only those hospitals to get the full advantage of this plan.

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The disadvantage of the oscar insurance

There are benefits of the Oscar insurance but some of the cons are also present.

  • A limited number of hospitals are covered under this insurance program.
  • Only available in the 22 states. No more states are added since February 2022.
  • If you will go to any hospital other than the listed ones then you have to pay the full amount. Hence this insurance is useless in the hospitals that are not listed in the oscar app.
  • It is not a good option for short-term insurance.

Advantages of oscar insurance

Here are some good benefits of Oscar insurance. These are the benefits that make this insurance company attractive. And these are the reasons why it has gained immense popularity in a short time.

  • The medical help on this app is 24 hours available.
  • You can even call the medical care provider and discuss your problem via voice call.
  • There are a variety of health plans available on this platform.
  • If you will use this app regularly then they will reward you. This reward is cash. Hence it is a very beneficial app.
  • The coverage policy is good. It will cover almost all your medical expenses.
  • This app will keep all your medical history safe. Hence it helps doctors to learn more about your disease. You will have to explain less to your doctor about your medical history.
  • If needed then this app also allows real-time diagnosis. Do you know? this app will allow you to do video calls without any trouble. But the doctor will have to approve the video call from its side.

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