3 Quick Fixes For How To Embed X Tweets Discord

3 Quick Fixes For How To Embed X Tweets Discord

Solved: How To Embed X Tweets Discord

Twitter is not only a microblogging site but also a huge repository of knowledge, especially related to trending and interesting topics. Also, when providing information to the audience, it is necessary for the author to cite proper sources, and embedding X tweets in the post is a good practice for that.  However, in recent times, Twitter has undergone multiple changes and upgrades, due to which embedding Twitter/X tweets is not as easy as before. Now, due to this, many people, especially Discord channel owners, are wondering how to embed x tweets in Discord.

In this blog, we are going to tell you three quick fixes for embedding x tweets in Discord. These fixes will work for everyone, and most importantly, you don’t have to put in much effort. All these three fixes are simple, straightforward, and highly effective. So, let’s understand these fixes one by one.

#1. Try Different URL

Well, after thorough testing, we have found that trying a different name for Twitter in the URL will fix this issue. So don’t think deeply. Just follow the URL below to embed the tweet in Discord.

Current URL

  • https://www.x.com/username/status/link

New URLs

  • https://www.twitter.com/username/status/link
  • https://www.vxtwitter.com/username/status/link
  • https://www.fxtwitter.com/username/status/link

You can try any of the above new URLs, and your tweet will be embedded in Discord instantly.

#2. Use Simple Post Link In The URL

Yes, this is very important. Sometimes, the X post or tweet link may have some extra information, sometimes called parameters. This extra information makes the URL complex and unidentifiable by Discord. So, try using the simple tweet link. Understand this with the example below.

Not Working URL-

  • https://www.twitter.com/username/status/link?ref_src=13bg27$bd8

Working URL-

  • https://www.twitter.com/username/status/link

Change Discord Settings

This issue is very common, especially if you are using Discord for the first time. Follow the changes in the settings below and never think of how to embed X tweets discord.

Step-1: First of all, Log into your Discord account.

Step-2: Then, You can open Settings by Tapping the Setting Icon next to your Avatar.

Step-3: Tap and Explore the Text & Media section in Settings.

Step-4: Find Embed And Link Previews under Text & Media and tap on the toggle to Enable this setting.


After going through this blog, you will not have to search How To Embed X Tweets Discord anywhere. So follow any of the above fixes or all fixes and you will start seeing your Embed Tweets working in Discord.

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