Stellar Converter for OST Detailed Review 2024- Exploring Advanced Features, Pricing, and Final Verdict

    Stellar Converter for OST Detailed Review 2024- Exploring Advanced Features, Pricing, and Final Verdict

    Data is the most valuable asset for any organization today. So protecting it from loss or mishandling becomes a central role. Microsoft Outlook is a storehouse of valuable data, as all business email communications happen through it. As with any software, Microsoft Outlook also throws errors. And its files (OST) become inaccessible due to many reasons.

    When Outlook connects with the Exchange Server, IMAP server,, or Microsoft 365, it creates a local offline Outlook data file (OST). Which stores all the Outlook mailbox data in the local system. And always syncs with the server when the connection is established.

    When incidents like a severe crash, a corrupted Outlook profile, malware or ransomware attack, or a bad sector on the local drive occur, you are able to access the mailbox data. At that time, to restore your mailbox data, you need to convert your local saved OST file into a PST file. You can easily import it to a new Outlook profile.

    But, from your standpoint, such incidents can be costly as they can lead to data loss. To save yourself from such situations, we present to you an advanced tool: the Stellar Converter for OST.

    What is the Stellar Converter for OST?

    Stellar Converter for OST is a robust and feature-rich tool for extracting data from Outlook’s data files to other formats like PST, MSG, EML, RTF, HTML & PDF. If you have the Technician version of this tool, you can even directly export the contents of an inaccessible OST file directly to Microsoft 365 and live Exchange server.

    This is a handy tool that can save you many hours of effort and stress. More importantly, your employees don’t have to be technical experts, as this tool’s simple interface enables employees of all skills to extract data. No prior experience or coding skills are needed to use this tool.

    Let’s look at some compelling reasons to use this tool.

    Key Benefits

    Stellar Converter for OST is a powerful tool that can be used across a wide range of use cases. Here are some key benefits that come from this well-developed tool.

    Converts Large Files

    Your Outlook data files can quickly grow in size. Especially if the volume of communication has been growing across your organization. When files go beyond a certain size (50 GB for OST files), they can become inaccessible.

    And you can end up losing all the data. But with Stellar, you can rest assured! Because it will convert data even from large and inaccessible files to other formats.

    Saves Data from your Hosted Exchange is Compromised

    Cyberattacks are growing by the day! And here no platform is safe. Your hosted Exchange can get compromised at any time, making your non-archived data inaccessible. In such situations, all that you need is the OST file of your local device.

    Because Stellar Converter for OST can safely extract the data from the OST file and move it to the PST format. The advantage of PST is you can open the contents in Outlook and access them in the same format. This tool even preserves the directory structure to give you the same user experience.

    Inaccessible Offline Outlook data Files

    Your OST file can become inaccessible due to reasons like poor network connectivity, virus attacks, corrupted Outlook profiles, large-size issues, and more. But this doesn’t mean your data is lost forever, as Stellar Converter for OST can work with such orphaned OST files to safely extract data from them.

    Highly Compatible

    You can use Stellar Converter for OST with all Outlook versions such as 2021, 2019, 2016 & older versions. It also offers plenty of formats to which you can move your files.

    As you can see from the above scenarios, the Stellar Converter for OST can be used across many scenarios and is a must-have tool for safeguarding your data.

    Next, let’s see how you can use this tool.

    How to use Stellar Converter for OST?

    Using Stellar Converter for OST is a breeze. Its intuitive interface masks all the complex tasks and processes that go behind the scenes to convert data from one format to another.

    Below are the steps involved in this conversion.

    Step-1: Download and Install

    Download the tool and double-click the downloaded file. This will start the Installation Wizard. Simply follow through the wizard, sticking to the default values.

    Step-2: Select the File

    Once your tool is installed, double-click and open it. On this homepage, you will receive a prompt that asks you to choose the OST file. You can either look through the listed Outlook profiles to select the corresponding OST tool.

    Steller converter for OST - Select the outlook data file for conversion

    Otherwise, you can choose the manual selection, where you can browse through the file system or search using specific keywords to find the OST file.

    Select outlook data file manual selection

    Step-3: Choose the Content

    After you select the OST file, the Stellar Converter tool will extract all the contents from the file and display it for you.

    Steller converter tool extract the contents screen

    You can pick the content you want to  Convert to the desired file format.

    If there’s a lot of content, you can use advanced filters to get to the specific content you want to move. Some of your filters include To, From, Subject, Date, and more.

    Use advanced filters to get a specific content
    Step-4: Select the Destination File Format and Location

    Next, all you need to do is select the file format to which you want to save the converted OST file content. Also, decide where you want to store that file.

    Select the destination file format and location

    Choose the file format location
    Do you know? Here you have the option to recover without getting into trouble if anything is deleted! No matter what was the reason about. In the same manner, you can able to auto-split the PST file when you think the file size is too big and prevent corruption issues.

    Step-5: Advanced Options

    At this stage, Stellar Converter for OST offers some advanced options to include or exclude items from a specific date range or email ID. Make your choice accordingly.

    Advanced options to select specific data range

    Once you choose and finalize your choice the steller tool will take care of further process. Moreover, it will convert the data into the appropriate format and once work is done it will notify you. Furthermore, all you need to do is just open the file from your chosen location and access the desired content as per your choice.

    The above steps reflect the simplicity of this tool’s interface. And its ability to mask the complex background work, making it ideal for all users.


    This tool is priced affordable, given its extensive features. Also, there are three editions to choose from.

    Stellar Converter for OST Pricing

    Stellar Converter for OST proves itself as a powerful OST to PST converter tool with its user-friendly interface and compatibility across different Outlook versions, making it incredibly versatile. Noteworthy for its capability to handle large OST files seamlessly, the tool ensures a swift and efficient conversion process while keeping your data intact. It emerges as a reliable and solid choice, guaranteeing the integrity and easy accessibility of your valuable data.

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