3 Easy Ways to Remove Target Security Tag Off

How to remove target security tag off

Target security tags are pinned in the clothes for security purposes, sometimes customers are unnoticeable, and checkout with security tags on the clothes. Now, If you forcefully try to pin it out, then it can damage your new clothes.

That’s in this article, we will show you 3 ways – How to Remove Target Security Tag Off, without damaging your clothes, let’s begin…

3 Ways: How to Get Target Security Tag OFF

#1. Use Flathead Screw Driver

Flathead Screwdriver

The first method is to use a Flathead screwdriver, you should have one, or you can arrange it if you don’t have one. Then, just follow the below steps to take out your security tags.

Step-1: Pull the clothing to one side of the security tags, it will create a gap.

Step-2: Now, put the Flathead Screwdriver inside the gap

Step-3: Rotate and turn the Flathead Screwdriver couple of times, it will pull off the security tag.

Be careful, while doing this, don’t use too much force, as there is a pin inside the Security tag. It can come in contact with your hands, or damage the clothing

#2. Freeze The Security Tag

Freeze the tag

Some security tags come with ink in them, so if you pull them off forcefully, the ink will spill over the clothes. To avoid this, you can use this method.

Step-1: Freeze your clothes with the ink tag, it sounds ridiculous but it helps, you can freeze them overnight.

Step-2: Now, as the ink is frozen it can’t spell out.

Step-3: You can use your hands or the Flathead screwdriver method, to pull off the security tag.

So, if your cloth security tag has an ink cartridge, you can use this method to pull it off.

#3. Apply Force to Take Security Tag Off

You can put something in between the security tag and its head, and simply put it off, this will easily remove the security tag.

Step-1: Use a knife or any object like screwdrivers, and them between, the Security tag and its head.

Step-2: Now, apply force and bend the security tag, and use the knife to pull out its head.

Step-3: Once you pull out the head, you can easily remove the pin with your hand, to break it out.

This method is effective for electromagnetic tags, which don’t have ink cartridges.

Final Words – How to Remove Target Security Tag Off

So these were the three ways to take Target Security Tag Off. In most stores, security tags are used to prevent the stealing of clothes, as this security tag will alarm the store. But some stores, don’t have this facility.

If any of the methods, mentioned in this article, weren’t useful to you, then you have to travel to the store again and tell them to take off this tag.

You can call also, and ask how to remove the tag, but for most of you, these three methods will help.

That’s it from my side; thanks for reading this article!

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